You believe that your team has a lot more to give. But how to transform this belief into reality?

Will Peak Performance be realized through a new strategy, changes to structure, developing the culture, investing in talent or even team-building?

Perhaps all of these things and more.  But where to start and what tools or methodologies to use?  Growth Pitstop® is the answer.

Based on a decade of applied research and inspired by the use of BIG data performance analytics in F1™, Growth Pitstop® enables leaders and their business units or teams to:

Measure the performance potential of your unit or team and put a number on it.  This is called the P2P Metric™, or the ratio of performance to potential.

You need to know what your business unit or team is capable of.  But, exactly how much of its full potential is presently being exploited?  The answer is to measure it.  It can then be tracked over time and allows you to set goals – your team may be at 62% today, with the objective of increasing that figure to 70% within 12 months.

Visualize the 200+ factors (called performance losses, or gains) that determine the performance potential of your business unit or team.

Potential can be difficult to grasp.   After all, there is no generally accepted definition of what performance potential is or standard list of the factors that shape it.  To engage leaders and their teams in their performance potential, it needs to be tangibilized and made real.  This is the job of the algrorithm and meta-model that powers Pitstop Analytics™.

Systematically identify performance losses for your business unit(s) or team(s) and convert them into gains, typically that means gains of 7-25%.

Unless performance potential can be unlocked it is merely academic and of little interest.  However, many performance losses have a structural or cultural dimension and may be slow to change.  Pitstop is built around a Change-Engage Model that guides leaders through a process to generate and sustain the momentum behind change.

Performance Potential is the un-tapped potential of an individual, team or organisation.

It is the difference between present performance what the individual or team is capable of – between what is and what could be.  Untapped and often hidden it means that most individuals and teams have as much a 39% more give. Explore the research into Performance Potential and how it can be measured and unlocked by downloading a sample chapter (below).

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* Research across 47 markets & 12 industries, published in Pitstop to Perform™™, ISBN: 978-1-907725-08-1, 2018.

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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