Performance Analytics

Have your leaders an accurate measure of performance potential?

The PitStop Analytics™ platform is the first in the world to scientifically measure the performance potential of business units, leaders and teams.  Inspired by the use of BIG data to drive performance in F1™, it analyzes 186 performance variables in respect of talent, alignment, structure, strategy-execution, teamwork and culture.

Data-driven Insights on Performance

Ask your team: ‘What % of its full potential is being exploited?’ and you will find that the answers vary greatly.  Typically, 40% will separate the highest & lowest, with the leader being out by up to 17%*.  But who is right and who is wrong?

Different perspectives on performance are to be expected, even welcomed.  But if people cannot agree on performance / potential, how will they set programs or goals for peak performance.  Pitstop Analytics™ reconciles divergent views, creating a single shared and accurate view of performance potential.

Performance Measured, Potential Too!

The Pitstop Analytics™ platform measures performance potential and highlights how business units, leaders and teams can unlock it.  The objective is to enable them to spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance™.

An accurate diagnosis is key to understanding performance.  But looking back at what has happened is not enough – looking to the future is essential.  Pitstop Analytics™ combines accurate diagnostics with predictive modelling, thereby providing insight to both present performance and future potential.

The BIG data way, just like F1™

Measuring performance and potential using big data visualization and modelling techniques inspired by the performance-obsessed arena of Formula 1™.   Captured mid-race, the objective is to help leaders & teams to win.

Pitstop Analytics™ extract meaning from masses of data using a complex algorithm and meta-model.  Users can visualize their performance data in an intuitive manner – patterns and trends are recognized automatically, and attention drawn to performance alerts, blind-spots, and contradictions. Thus, data is transformed into actionable insight – illuminating strategies to transform performance losses into gains.

Performance Potential – A Multi-disciplinary View

Performance is complex and no one discipline has all the answers.  Pitstop Analytics™ integrates insights from fields such as talent, strategy, leadership and organizational design, to create a holistic view of performance potential.

Today we have a much deeper understanding of the many factors that impact on individual and collective performance.  That is thanks to the addition of new insights from social psychology & behavioral economics, to an already rich understanding of organizational design, business leadership and so on.  Pitstop Analytics™ integrates all of these disciplines to create a full picture of performance potential.

Measuring & Modelling Performance Potential:

What variables are analyzed?

The PitStop Analytics™ platform provides un-paralleled insight to the performance and potential of business units, leaders and teams.  It systematically scans for 186 performance losses that can be converted to gains in the following areas:

  • Talent
  • Alignment
  • Leadership
  • Strategy-Execution
  • Performance Design / Structure
  • Performance Dynamics / Culture

  • Zones of Performance
  • Performance Losses & Gains
  • Task Performance
  • Decision Performance (e.g. groupthink)
  • Social Performance / Health
  • Developmental Performance (Learning)

  • Crowds, Groups & Teams
  • Well-being
  • Resilience
  • Psychological Safety
  • Energy & Engagement
  • Employee Experience

To find out more about the variables measured by Pitstop Analytics™ click here.

How it works

  • Your team goes online – it takes just 26 minutes per person.
  • For a business unit or team of just 20, almost 4000 data points are gathered.
  • The data is processed by a complex algorithm that identifies patterns and trends.
  • BIG data visualization techniques are used.  The powerful Pitstop Meta-model™ (shown here) brings the data to life and tells a story*.
  • Teams engage with the data in Executive Pitstops using it to identify performance losses that can be converted into gains.

*The screen shot shows the bottom of the Pitstop Meta-model and an analysis of 8 critical behaviors (called Performance Dynamics) that define the culture of the organization/team.

Want to find out how can your unit/team spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance™?  

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