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We deliver powerful data-driven insights to fuel performance, innovation & growth.

What is the FULL performance potential of your team and what is preventing it from being exploited?  The objective answer is to be found via our cloud-based analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics™.

Performance Data Inspired by F1™

Inspired by the use of BIG data in the performance-obsessed arena of F1™, our ground-breaking analytics platform analyzes the potential for performance, innovation and growth of your organization, business unit or team to reveal how it can be un-locked.

Despite being so close to the action there are things that the driver cannot see.  Sensors on the car stream masses of data in real time to be interpreted by BIG data visualization and modelling techniques. Used in the pitlane, it is actionable-data that is key to winning.  That is the inspiration behind Pitstop Analytics™.

Looking for Actionable-Insights in any of the following areas?
We deliver actionable data-driven insights for organizations, business units and teams in the following areas:

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Performance Potential – The Complete Picture

Performance is complex and no one discipline has all the answers. To create a complete picture of performance potential, Pitstop Analytics™ integrates data-driven insights on more than 200+ variables in areas ranging from talent to leadership and strategy to culture.

The result is BIG data – approx. 30,000 data points for a mid-sized unit/team.  But translating this data into actionable insight requires complex algorithms and powerful data modelling / visualization techniques.  These explain how Pitstop Analytics™ translates insight into action, and ultimately results.

Performance Measured, Potential Too!

An accurate diagnosis is key to understanding performance, innovation or growth.  But looking back at what has happened is not enough – looking to the future is essential.  Pitstop Analytics™ combines accurate diagnostics with predictive modelling, thereby providing insight to both present performance and future potential.

Pitstop Analytics™ extract meaning from masses of data using a complex algorithm and meta-model.  Users can visualize their performance data in an intuitive manner – patterns and trends are recognized automatically, and attention drawn to performance alerts, blind-spots, and contradictions. Thus, data is transformed into actionable insight – illuminating strategies to transform performance losses into gains.

Bringing Data to Life, Engaging Your Team

We bring data to life for leaders and their teams, empowering them to leverage the data to achieve breakthrough insights and powerful decision clarity.  This is achieved through data-modelling in one to one data debriefs with leaders and pitstops with their teams (shown here).

There are two big issues with BIG data analytics.  The first centers on the why – or to be more precise what the data will help the organization to achieve.  The second is about how to translate data into action.  Pitstop Analytics™ tackles these issues, driving action in the pursuit of quantifiable gains in performance, innovation and growth.


Here is just some of the headline data provided by Pitstop Analytics™

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Measuring What Was Previously ‘Un-measurable'

We measure metrics to drive performance, innovation and growth in a VUCA world. That includes variables that were previously considered un-measurable, intangible or ‘soft'.  

We are global leaders in the measurement of such complex metrics as Performance Potential, Return on Collaboration™ and Return on Talent Employed™.   We put a number on them because they matter and so that they can be managed, with improvement being tracked over time.

How it works

  • Your team goes online – it takes just 26 minutes per person.
  • For a business unit or team of just 20, almost 4000 data points are gathered.
  • The data is processed by a complex algorithm that identifies patterns and trends.
  • BIG data visualization techniques are used.  The powerful Pitstop Meta-model™ (shown here) brings the data to life and tells a story*.
  • Teams engage with the data in Executive Pitstops using it to identify performance losses that can be converted into gains.

*The screen shot shows the bottom of the Pitstop Meta-model and an analysis of 8 critical behaviors (called Performance Dynamics) that define the culture of the organization/team.


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* Pitstop Analytics™ data set.

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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