A breakthrough in the measurement of performance potential.

Performance Analytics

A unique and powerful way of measuring not just performance, but performance potential for organizations, business units, leaders and teams.

Talent Analytics

Is your organization or team getting the most from its people?  What is the level of engagement, motivation, teamwork and so on?  Where is the potential for development?

Growth Analytics

Assess growth performance & potential, including probability of meeting revenue / profitability targets and percentage of growth potential being exploited.

Leadership Analytics

Assess the performance & potential of leaders and their teams, incl. engagement, talent, behavior, strategy & execution.

Measuring & Modelling Performance:

What variables are analyzed?

The PitStop Analytics platform scientifically measures performance and potential within organizations, business units and teams  based on the powerful Pitstop Meta-model™, including:

  • Alignment

  • Culture

  • Leadership

  • Execution

  • Teamwork

  • Talent Development

  • Team Structure

  • Psychological Safety

  • Task Effectiveness

  • Return on Collaboration

  • Decision Smarts

  • Engagement

  • Commitment

  • Well-being

  • Group Dynamics

In total a total of 186 performance-related variables are measured.  So the above is just a short list of the many factors analysed.

Where is the real performance potential to be found?

Because performance and potential can vary widely across an organization, Pitstop Analytics™ measures and models performance potential at 4 levels: