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Growth Pitstop® is recognised as one of the most exciting performance analytics companies in the world.  We leverage the latest science and psychology of performance, together with F1™-style BIG data, to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of ambitious business units, leaders and their teams.

Performance Potential

What % of your unit/team’s full potential is being exploited?

Most business units and teams have a lot more to give.  Indeed, data shows that as much as 39% of the full potential of any unit or team goes unexploited*. But what about your unit/team?

Performing in the 75%+ Zone

Are your business units, strategies & teams in the Zone of Peak Performance™?

We help ambitious business units & teams realize F1™-levels of peak performance.  That means performing in the 75%+ zone, or what is called the Zone of Peak Performance™.

Performance Analytics

Have your leaders an accurate measure of performance potential?

Built on the latest science & psychology of performance, our pioneering analytics platform measures performance potential and reveals how it can be unlocked for peak performance.

Pitstops for Leaders & Teams

How effectively can your team pitstop its projects, priorities & performance?

Executives use data to pitstop the performance of their most ambitious teams, projects & strategic initiatives – just like in motor racing.  The objective is to unlock performance potential of 7-25%.

Measuring, Modelling & Unlocking Performance Potential

Offering a range of solutions to business units, leaders and teams from large and mid-tier organizations, such as:

* Research across 47 markets and 12 industries, published in Pitstop to Perform™™ ISBN: 978-1-907725-08-1, 2018.

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