When Performance
Matters Most

Strategic Projects
& Priorities

Striving to measure
the un-measurable

Working with organisations to redefine the limits in terms of: 


Accelerate and sustain the performance of critical projects & vital teams where increased speed, complexity & uncertainty demand new ways of working.


Accelerating the strategic projects and initiatives that will shape the future of your organization, especially those requiring speed, agility & cross functional collaboration.


Helping leaders to realize their full potential in an increasingly complex & demanding environment that requires balancing short term performance with building for the future.

Working where performance matters most:

Critical Projects

Key Strategic Projects & Initiatives: We help leaders to first assess & then boost confidence in execution by up to 21% in 24 weeks.

Vital Teams

Vital Teams: We guide teams through a process of tackling barriers to performance to unlock performance potential of 7-25%.

Ambitious Leaders

Ambitious Leaders: We support & challenge leaders to spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance™ (75%+ Zone) with their teams.

During a crisis pitstops take-on extra significance…

During the Covid-19 Crisis, management teams within our client organizations are taking 75-90 minutes every 2-3 weeks to pitstop virtually, backed up by online analytics and resources:

Virtual Pitstops

Led by our expert coaches, Virtual Pitstops are an the most effective way to assess priorities, address risks & drive/sustain performance.

Online Analytics

Powerful online analytics reveals hidden performance potential in key projects & teams, incl. performance losses & execution risks.

Online Resources

Providing an advanced toolkit for leaders to use in unlocking the performance potential of their key projects & teams.

Organizations that pitstop include the following:

Pit-stopping with business units, leaders and teams from large and mid-tier organizations, such as:

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics™ measures the interplay of all these things:

* Research across 47 markets and 12 industries, published in Pitstop to Perform™™ ISBN: 978-1-907725-08-1, 2018.