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Business is a lot like F1™.  It's about competition, speed and winning.  There is just one thing missing – great pitstops!


Many managers will say that they're too busy to Pitstop. But in a competitive race, a pitstop can make the difference between a win and a loss. 

But as the driver of a business unit, department or project when will you pitstop?  

Pitstop the performance of your business unit, or team.

During your away-day, conference, or event your leaders will work in pit teams. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify performance opportunities and exploit them fast.

Pitstop Inspiration

It is time to pitstop!

Drivers start the race with a winning strategy and fresh tires,  but must quickly adjust in the pitlane to cope with changing conditions.  The same applies in organizations too.

The pitstop is an opportunity to make those essential mid-race adjustment that maximize the chances of winning. But, with all the other cars racing-by it has to be fast!

For a few seconds the success of the driver rests in the hands of the pit team. It is a time for the pit team to shine.

Pitstop Inspiration

See your leader pit team in action

In a F1™ race, a pit team of 20 will change all 4 tires in under 2 seconds and return the car to the track with a greater chance of success.

Such  performance under pressure sets the new standard for teamwork and cross-functional collaboration.

But does your team have what it takes to pitstop for performance?  Can it work with the speed, discipline and focus of a pit team?  Let's find out.

Your Team = Pit Team

Pitstop Inspiration

Are you ready to pitstop?

We have all seen the result of poor pitstops – a wheel coming off the car as it speeds back onto the track.  This is the fate of too many projects and strategies. 

The solution at the race track and within organizations is the same – better pitstops.  But that requires pit teams that practice at getting better and better.

Behind the pitstop approach is a sophisticated model of performance inspired by the F1™ pitstop.

The model highlights the source of the top 200 performance losses identified through research with over 900 teams in some of the world's best organizations.  Each of these performance losses can be converted into gains of 7-35%.

Data is key to effective pitstops

During the pitstop your team will assess its performance, as well as its potential.  Its own self-assessment with be backed up with F1™-style data analytics.

It will scientifically measure the performance and potential of your business unit or team across almost 200 variables, thereby providing you with the data you need to pitstop effectively.

Pitstop Packages can include the following:

Pitstop Workshop(s)

Your team(s) will work as a pit crew. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify problems and fix them fast!  Pitstops can take a half day, a full day or a take place of a series of days.

Performance Analytics

A data-driven analysis of the performance and potential of your business unit, or team.  Systematically scans for almost 200 performance losses.

Winning Moves

Individuals working alone and in teams will tackle identified performance losses (as highlighted by the data) to achieve quantifiable performance gains (7-25%).

Leader Debrief

Leaders will be guided through the process of interpreting the results of their team/unit's pitstop, including behavioral observation.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Priorities & Projects

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Talent & Team

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