What % of the full potential of your leaders & managers is being exploited?

This is a BIG question because it is the performance of your organization’s leaders & managers that matters most.

Research Shows:

You need great drivers to win – Just as in F1™.

They require extraordinary discipline, stamina and skill.

Most important of all they need a burning desire to win.

But that is not all…

Research Shows:

The driver is one third of the equation

In addition to a great driver,
you also need a fast machine. Moreover, keeping the machine in the race requires a great pit team.

This combination of driver, team and machine is the same in business.

Accelerating Leadership Performance

Leadership Development Programs with a difference:

Analytics to measure & maximize performance and potential of leaders and their units/teams, Leverages BIG data algorithms, predictive modelling & visualization tools.

Pitstop programs engage & energize leaders in the realization of quantifiable performance gains. Combines workshops, group & individual coaching with performance analytics, insights & tools.

A systematic model & process to transform performance losses into gains of up to 25%.
Based on 6 published books and developed in use with 900 teams from the world’s most successful corporations.

Leveraging insights from the performance-obsessed arena of F1™ to bring to life the latest research from; social psychology, behavioral economics, organizational design and business leadership.


Assessing Leader Potential

The diagram shows how one CEO applied the BIG question to his Senior Leadership Team.

With figures ranging from 20% to 80%, some team members are clearly realizing more of their potential than others.

What would this analysis look like for your team?  Contact us to find out.