‘Business is a lot like racing.  It’s about: competition, speed & winning.  There is only one thing missing - great Pitstops!

What happens when the pit crew comes together determines the outcome of the race. What happens when your management team comes together determines the success of your organization.

In an age of transient competitive advantages, the ability to pitstop is increasingly seen as the ultimate source of business advantage.

Pitsops are key to winning in F1™. As a manager you are also in a race - a race to quarter or year end with competitors in fast pursuit. But will you take a pitstop and, if you do; will it help you to win?

Your management team is the pit crew – your organization and its growth strategy is the revenue generating machine. Watch how your team works together and engages with the issues of growth performance and potential. This will reveal the level of success that your organization is likely to achieve.

Do you want to be among your industry’s highest performers – leading the way in terms of passion, innovation and of course in terms of sustained and profitable growth? That is to be in the F1™ of your industry.  

‘Be faster, more agile and more innovative
…be the F1™ of your industry!

A F1™ car is at least 3 times faster than a normal road car.   In business achieving F1 levels of performance means growing 3 times faster, not just in terms of the top line, but the bottom line and top line too. Moreover it means doing this lap after lap (or year after year) for a decade.   By these criterion few companies are fit for F1.  

Can your team achieve F1™ levels of acceleration achieve 3X Growth?