When it comes to performance, F1™ can be a powerful source of inspiration.

F1™ is a pioneer not just in BIG data technology, but in the science of performance optimization.

In Formula 1™ performing at a high level is not enough. The driver’s job is to push the car to the limit.

In an increasingly fast-paced business environment, the leader’s job is the same. But knowing where the limit really is – that requires data.

Performing at the Limit

How fast can the car corner without spinning into the air?  What level of G-forces can the driver withstand before blacking-out?

F1™ is about performing to the limit of what is technically and physically possible.  Never content with past performance, the focus is on the next lap and the race ahead.

Data at the Speed of a Pitstop

Guided by data, the pitstop is a chance to make those essential mid-race adjustments required to optimize performance.  But it has to be fast as the competition is still racing!

Pitstop Analytics™ applies pitstop-principles of teamwork, speed and agility to the process of data analysis and interpretation by leader teams. 

Big Data VIsualization & Modelling

During a typical Grand Prix more than 243 terabytes of data will be streamed from the racing cars.  That is more data that is contained in the US Library of Congress!

To make sense of mountains of data requires the use of the latest data visualization techniques including predictive modeling.  That is the inspiration behind Pitstop Analytics™ meta modelling.


You don’t have to be a fan of, or even like, F1™ to benefit from the pitstop approach.

Yet, when it comes to performance management there is much inspiration to be gained from the sport's unrelenting pursuit of the millisecond advantage.

Marginal Gains – Actionable & Fast

Delivering insights after the race is of little value.  So, data is put to work immediately identifying marginal gains that can be acted upon fast. 

Pitstop Analytics™ provides Big data at the speed of a pitstop. It minimizes the time required by managers in gathering, analyzing and acting on the data. 

Data-driven Philosophy

Even after a busy race weekend, teams waste no time in getting together to de-brief on the race and to make sense of the data.

In organizations, reviewing the data can send some people into hiding.  But Pitstop Analytics™ de-personalizes and de-politicises the data to generate a new level of insight and engagement.

Soft Technology: Engaging with BIG Data

Our analysts and statisticians like to talk about algorithms and BIG data technology, yet these are generally only secondary considerations for most leaders. In an age of information-overload and attention-deficit, it is the ‘soft technology’ behind Pitstop Analytics™ that most appeals to leaders.  Focused on delivering business impact it energizes the process of decision making and analysis.

Big data with only small engagement is no longer a problem.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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