The path from strategy to success is never a straight line.  However, the pandemic has added to the challenges of delivering on strategic initiatives and critical projects.

Here we share research and encouragement on tackling key project risks and blind-spots, as well as building and sustaining momentum in spite of setbacks.

The topics include the sequencing and prioritization of strategic initiatives, the application of greater project rigour, the need for more agile execution, how to lead an initiative (incl. all its various stakeholders) and ultimately how to connect project performance with business success.




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Editorial Notes:
We believe every organization is different – every strategic initiative is different too. With no single right answer, many perspectives are required.  Our objective is to pull together multiple perspectives and in so doing illuminating a topic or challenge from a variety of different angles.
Written for leaders, not for an academic audience.  As a result, the style is conversational with a less rigid interpretation of the formal rules of grammar, punctuation or structure.



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