The Growth Pitstop™ gets management teams working to accelerate growth with the focus, intensity and teamwork of a pitcrew.  It includes analytics, workshops and programmes backed by the latest growth science and psychology.

The Growth Pitstop™ will help you & your team to assess performance and exploit hidden growth potential of between 12% and 25%. 

Compared to traditional methods, the Growth Pitstop ™ will help you to deliver a better strategy and execute it in half the time.


The Growth Pitstop™ is 3 times more effective in boosting confidence, commitment and skills than traditional management training methods.

How Does The Growth Pitstop™ Work?

Research shows that most firms are exploiting less than 60% of their full growth potential. It also reveals 3 steps to accelerating growth.

The Growth Pitstop™ facilitates an accurate scientific assessment of performance & potential.  But without exhaustive debate, or lengthy consultants reports.

The Growth Pitstop™ ensures crystal clear agreement on the priorities for growth.  It does this in a way that maximizes commitment to and accountability for ‘making it happen’.

The Growth Pitstop™ helps companies execute on key growth priorities with discipline, speed & smarts.  That means faster results and greater organizational agility.

The Growth PitStop™ incorporates the latest research into growth, incl. benchmarking data across 47 countries and over 1.05m pages of best practice research.

This Growth PitStop™ addresses the mental and emotional aspects of success and incorporates the latest research into the process of changing attitudes and behaviors.

The Growth Pitstop™ uses industry leading assessments, complex algorithms and predictive analytics to identify hidden growth potential of between 7 and 22%.