Research shows that most firms are exploiting less than 60% of their full growth potential. It also reveals the obstacles to accelerating growth and how they can be overcome:

The pitstop facilitates an accurate scientific assessment of performance & potential.  But without exhaustive debate, or lengthy consultants reports.

The pitstop ensures crystal clear agreement on the priorities for growth.  It does this in a way that maximizes commitment to and accountability for ‘making it happen’.

The pitstop helps companies execute on key growth priorities with discipline, speed & smarts.  That means faster results and greater organizational agility.

Why The Growth Pitstop™?

The Growth Pitstop® presents a 360 degree view of growth accelerators and inhibitors and gets you team to work in tackling them.

The Growth Pitstop™ will provide you with an accurate assessment of performance and potential.  It will ensure your team agrees on the key priorities for growth and support a rythmic approach to executing your winning strategy.

Whether you are reviewing progress against an existing strategy, or setting out a new strategy, the Growth Pitstop will enable your team to speedily assess performance, clarify the vision of success, agree the priorities for growth and set about effective execution.  

The Growth Pitstop™ is a powerful way to to engage your audience around a topic that really matters – growth.  It is a dynamic, interactive and hi-impact workshop – likely to be one of the most memorable elements of your conference.

Accelerating Organizations, Leaders & Teams

The Growth Pitstop™’s power to unlock the hidden growth potential of organizations, leaders and teams is based on:

The Growth PitStop™ incorporates the latest research into growth, incl. benchmarking data across 47 countries and over 1.05m pages of best practice research.

This Growth PitStop™ addresses the mental and emotional aspects of success and incorporates the latest research into the process of changing attitudes and behaviors.

The Growth Pitstop™ uses industry leading assessments, complex algorithms and predictive analytics to identify hidden growth potential of between 7 and 22%.