Today’s sales teams requires greater speed, performance and skill. Each quarter is a race to the finish line with competitors in close pursuit. How will you maintain the winning edge?

The Strategy Pitstop® enables managers and their teams to look at the complex subject of sales strategy performance through the lens of a Formula 1 Pit-stop.  That means it is fast, powerful and focused on winning.



‘Imagine your sales team finding new ways to accelerate sales – just like a pit-crew.’

Accelerating Performance

The Strategy Pitstop® programme provides a comprehensive 360 degree view of what is required to accelerate sales strategy. Teams identify opportunities to accelerate sales and tackle barriers that could limit sales through a process that involves awareness-building, self-assessment and best practice bench-marking.

In the pit, the team assess sales ambition, sales direction, sales visibility, sales leadership and sales process without distracting from the focus on meeting this quarter’s results.