What % of your organizations full growth potential is being exploited?

Research shows that most organizations are exploiting just 55% of their full growth potential. But what about your organization, or business unit?

The Growth Pitstop™ helps leaders and their teams to scientifically determine their growth potential and then to accelerate growth

Need to accelerate growth? The Growth Pitstop™ is framework for accelerating sustained and profitable growth. It helps managers to rapidly assess performance, prioritize growth accelerators, tackle barriers to growth and execute on growth plans/strategies.

Need to boost confidence & skills? The Growth Pitstop™ will enable your team to tackle its , marketing and business development challenges with greater energy, commitment and skill. It is up to 3 times more effective than traditional training methods.

Planning an away-day, event, or conference? Used for events of 6 people to 1,000 people, The Growth Pitstop™ engages attendees in pit teams to assess performance & accelerate performance. Combining Formula One™ with proven research & techniques for accelerating growth, teamwork & innovation, the experience is both challenging & fun.

Need a high-performing team? Research shows that the ability of management teams to work effectively together is a key competitive advantage. In the Growth Pitstop™ your team will work as a pit crew. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify problems and fix them fast!

Want to speed test your strategy? The Growth Pitstop™ will enable you to speed test your strategy, identifying any speed-bumps or risks to success. It will enable your team to rapidly assess performance, clarify the vision of success, agree the priorities for growth and set about effective execution to drive performance levels.   .

Got an accurate assessment / benchmark of performance? The Growth Pitstop™ is used to assess performance and exploit hidden growth potential. It is delivered with speed and without exhaustive debate, or lengthy reports. It benchmarks performance across a total of 248 key growth related variables using powerful algorithms and visualization tools.

Growth Potential

How much of your organization’s full growth potential is being exploited? That is one of the most powerful questions for any CEO and their management team.

Most managers say that no more than 55% of their organization’s growth potential is being exploited. But with so much potential why aren’t they growing faster? The Growth Pitstop™ helps CEOs and their teams to scientifically determine growth potential and then to realize it.

Predictive Analytics

Want a more accurate forecast? Avoid shocks and surprises by more accurately assessing and predicting the performance of your organization & its business units.

The Growth Pitstop™'s Predictive Growth Analytics forecast short, medium and longer term performance, including probability of meeting revenue / profitability targets and percentage of growth potential being exploited.


How does your team compare? Benchmark your organization, business unit, or team against global best practice and your industry peers, to identify untapped potential and tackle performance gaps.

The Growth Pitstop™' provides powerful and rapid bench-marking across key performance related variables, including; growth potential, revenue generating capability, clarity of strategy, effective execution, leadership & alignment, skills & motivation, and so on. Measuring 248 variables it takes just 30 minutes online. Find out more about Predictive Growth Analytics.

Growth Psychology

Has your team the psychology of fast growth? The culture of your organization has a major bearing on just how fast it can grow. With the right approach it can be adapted for greater speed.

The Growth Pitstop™ integrates the latest in the behavioural and cognitive sciences research to more fully engage managers and their teams in accelerating growth. It incorporates core principles from systems dynamics, mental modelling, cognitive re-framing, action learning and other areas to accelerate change. Find out more about Growth Psychology.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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