Growth Science

New Applied Research Points the way to Rapid Growth

The growing volume of research into business growth provides a powerful new set of strategies that managers can use to deliver 3x Performance. But are you employing them?

The Growth Pitstop™ leverages the latest growth research – blending the hard and the soft, applying academic research and the latest predictive growth analytics.

Hidden Insights

Growth: the Powerful New Management Science

Growth is the newest and perhaps most powerful management science. It promises new insights and break-throughs.

Emanating from Harvard, Stanford and other leading institutions, as well as the major consulting houses, it provides powerful tools and strategies to accelerate growth. Most however struggle to access this research, or to apply it.

Right to Know

It’s time to make the research available

Managers with access to the latest research and tools can achieve 3X Performance. But they remain a secret to most managers.

Unless you have recently completed an MBA at a leading business school, or have an extensive reading library, then you are likely to be using out-of-date tools and strategies.

Powerful New Models

Using out-dated models to drive growth? Although every manager wants performance, most are using out-dated models that inevitably result in under-performance.

It is time to ditch the old models and engage with a sophisticated and scientific approach to growth. One that equips managers to engage with the full complexity of growth in an age of more aggressive competition, more demanding customers and more sophisticated employees.

Behaviors & Results

Combing the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ of Performance? Science and data are important, but they are not enough to engage managers and their teams in the pursuit of accelerated growth.

The Growth Pitstop™ is a unique blend of the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’. It combines a hard-nosed numbers driven approach to business results, with a focus on the behavior of leaders and teams. The focus is on business performance, as well as individual and team performance, leveraging business science / analytics, as well as behavioral science.

Growth Analytics & Algorithms

Are you leveraging the latest growth analytics? Avoid shocks and surprises by more accurately assessing and predicting the performance of your organization, business unit or team.

The Growth Pitstop™'s Predictive Growth Analytics forecast short, medium and longer term performance. It uses powerful algorithms to measure the probability of meeting revenue / profitability targets and percentage of growth potential being exploited. Moreover it is fast – completed online in just 30 minutes by your team.

Growth Psychology

Need to engage your team in driving growth? Change isn’t easy. Moreover the fate of so many past initiatives has resulted in a high degree of scepticism.

Planning and executing on strategies for growth requires more than just scenarios and spreadsheets.  Breakthrough performance requires new levels of engagement, teamwork and innovation. These are the hallmark of the Growth Pitstop™ approach which leverages techniques from the behavioral and cognitive sciences to accelerate creative problem solving, teaming and change.

The New Generation

To accelerate growth managers need to obsess about competition, speed, agility, and most important of all winning. They need to talk and indeed think like F1™.

The Growth Pitstop™ is a proven approach to engage emerging leaders from Generations X, Y and Z. It translates research by academics and consultants, as well as international benchmarking, into actionable strategies for managers. Moreover it infuses the research with the passion for winning that is F1™.

Cutting-edge Research

The pitstop is at the cutting edge of applied research into business performance. It is built upon data from 47 markets and 12 industries plus 1.5 million pages of research.

Spanning nine years, the programme of applied research has resulted in the publication of a series of 4 books that make the subject of business growth and performance accessible drawing parallels between success in business and winning on the racetrack.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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