Peak performance from your business unit or team.

We can help your business units and teams to achieve and sustain F1™-levels of Peak Performance.

Take a pitstop on performance…

The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team to review the performance of key projects, priorities and strategies, identify opportunities for improvement (typically 7-25%) and exploit them fast.

The objective of the pitstop is to generate a new level of energy and engagement around performance.  Also to test your unit/teams level of agility, alignment and teamwork. 

Inspired by the latest science and psychology of performance, as much as the racetrack, Pitstops typically can take place either on-site or off-site and last for one day, or a series of days (depending on requirements). 

Bring your executive team together for a pitstop… it’s the secret of peak performance!

Get the data you need to win…

Pitstop performance analytics will provide new insights to your team’s performance, its potential too.  Thereby ensuring that your team has the data it needs in the pit lane.

The members of your team complete the analytics online – it takes just 30 minutes.  Then an algorithm takes over to determine if your unit / team is in the Zone of Peak Performance™ – when and how often**.

If your unit/team is not ‘in the zone’, the data will show how far away from peak performance your unit/team actually is and what can be done to bring it closer. 

Specifically, that means identifying performance losses (i.e. the barriers to peak performance) for your unit/team and converting them to gains (typically 7-25%).

New insights on the performance & potential of your unit or team, thanks to F1™-style analytics.

The benefits for you & your unit or team:

Under-pinned by the latest science and psychology of performance, the pitstop here are just some of the benefits for leaders and their teams/

Find out if your unit/team is at Peak Performance, if it is not what is stopping it and how it can get there.

Boost your unit/team’s performance by 7-25% by converting performance losses into gains.

Energize & engage your team in pursuit of peak performance, building accountability and ownership.

Business units & teams have taken pitstops from:

Here are the words used by managers to describe the pitstop & its impact:

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* Research points to the ability to have good strategic conversations as an indicator of the future success of your business:  See for example JC Spender and Bruce A Strong (Strategic Conversations) and Chris Ertel & Kisa Kay Solomon (Moments of Impact).

**A unit or team is in the Zone of Peak Performance™ when it is exploiting at least 75% of its full potential.  See:  Pitstop to Perform by Ray Collis & John O Gorman (ISBN: 978-1-907725-08-1)