What % of your organization's full growth potential is presently being exploited?

This question is a great place to start your next commercial team conversation.  But expect some surprises…

Research Shows:

The typical organisation is exploiting just 55% of its full growth potential*

That is the equivalent of driving a fast car at just 55 mph in a 100 mph zone.

*Based on benchmark data across 47 markets and 12 industries.

Given the Potential:

How will you accelerate growth?

Growth Pitstop™ engages leadership & commercial teams in un-locking their hidden growth potential.

Typically the result is an additional 7-25% in sustained & profitable growth*.

*Average based on 4 years of data from participating organizations & teams .

Identifying the winners of tomorrow

Where to Accelerate Growth?

Accelerating sustained and profitable growth requires identifying and accelerating those new products, segments, strategies or projects capable of racing ahead of the rest of the organization.

The many growth opportunities available to the organization must compete against each other to win the backing of senior management and the commitment of the company.

Growth Analytics

The Growth Pitstop™'s Predictive Growth Analytics forecast short, medium and longer term performance, including probability of meeting revenue / profitability targets and percentage of growth potential being exploited.

Growth Psychology

Planning for growth requires more than strategies and spreadsheets. The Growth Pitstop™ leverages techniques from the behavioral sciences to maximize engagement, alignment and innovation in respect of sustainable growth.

Need to boost confidence & skills?
The Growth Pitstop™ approach to training that will enable your team to tackle its , marketing and business development challenges with greater energy, commitment and skill. It includes powerful team-building.

Want to speed test your growth strategy?
The Growth Pitstop™ will speed test your growth strategy, identifying KSFs and risks. It will enable your team to rapidly clarify the vision, agree the priorities for growth and set about effective execution.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Priorities & Projects

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Talent & Team

Click on any of the above to explore related research & insights.