There are two levels of detail of the analysis and reporting, as follows:infographic-tumbnail

1. Executive Summary & Infographic

Identifies hidden potential based on 30 important growth variables analysed.

The results are presented in a highly visual 4 page infographic summary.

This summary can be provided by email.

Alternatively, you can get the summary with the Full Analysis – see below.


2. The Full Anaysis & Report

Identifies hidden potential and presents a detailed view of performance, together with competitive benchmarking data.

Because this report is detailed first time readers can select a time for a free personal 35 online meeting to be taken through the report.full-analysis-tumb

– Identifies hidden potential

– Detailed view of performance

– Competitive benchmarking data.

– 100+ important growth variables analysed.

– 40+ pages of analysis of growth opportunities & challenges

– Includes infographic summary (as above)

Sample pages of the full report & analysis are shown here.

If you have already completed the assessment and would like to schedule a briefing please click here.



Why an online briefing?

– The analysis is detailed – more than 100+ variables – so you will need a little guidance on how to use it

– In the briefing we will explain the powerful frameworks of analysis used (it is unlikely you will have seen them before)

– The benefits of the briefing include:

– It will save you time – you will know where to find what you want

– It will avoid analysis paralysis – pointing you to the information that is most relevant to your business

– It will help you to make the most of the reportfullreport


What will happen during the briefing?

The analysis is private and involves a one-to-one conversation with one of our data specialists.  It will:

– Take you through the analysis in an interactive way

– Show you the results of the assessment

– Check how the results compare with your expectations

– Present a benchmarking comparison

– Explore the key areas of potential

– Provide you with some tips on how to use the report

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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