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Insights and inspiration from the racetrack to energize and engage your audience.


Mark Gallagher is one of the most sought-after F1™ conference speakers.

Mark is author of the acclaimed ‘Business of Winning’ book, a former leader at Red Bull F1™, Jordan F1™ and Cosworth F1™ Engines and regular BBC commentator.


David Coulthard MBE, popular F1™ commentator and driver, entrepreneur and author of  ‘The Winning Formula’.

David began competing at the age of 11 and went on to compete for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull.  He accumulated a total of 13 wins.

Pitstop to Perform™

Turn your event into a Pitstop to Perform™™. The idea is just like in racing – to come together as a team, identify quantifiable performance opportunities and exploit them fast. The objective a new level of engagement together with specific performance opportunities of 7-25%.

Exciting Topics

In an increasingly competitive and fast-changing business environment, the racetrack can be a real source of inspiration for leaders and their organizations, especially on key topics such as:

Insights and inspiration from the racetrack to the leader suite can be found in the following books:

Mark Gallagher's inside track on what it takes to succeed in a competitive business with high technology, high finance and immensely high stakes.

Insights and inspiration from David Coulthard leadership, strategy and motivation – the F1™ Way.

The latest science and psychology of performance brought to life through the language and imagery of the racetrack.

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Access to the most-sought after speakers from the racetrack via Performance Insights.

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