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Key Principles Behind Pitstop Conferences & Events

Pitstop conferences and events are particularly powerful because of a set of 6 principles involved in their design and delivery.

1. Maximum Energy & Engagement

Most conferences involve a top table, with guest speakers and Power Point presentations. But engaging today’s audiences requires more, especially if results are expected.

A range of new methodologies has emerged to tackle the challenges of engaging audiences*.  These are embedded in the pitstop approach to conferences and events.  The result is a new level of energy and engagement.

*Including World Café, Strategic Conversations and Action Learning.

2. Test & Respectfully Challenge

Attendees often describe away-days and conferences by terms, such as; ‘talking shop', ‘happy-clappy', or ‘love-in'.  But events and away-days should challenge, as well as inspire.

Pitstop events challenge organizations and teams to:
– More accurately appraise their performance
– Reveal their level of energy & engagement
– Test the level of teamwork, focus &alignment
– Engage in difficult conversations

– Assess the progress of key initiatives, projects & strategies

All this happens in an environment of psychological safety, deliberately created so as to enable people can contribute in an atmosphere of openness, trust and respect.

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3. Focus on Results

A conference or event is a considerable expenditure of time and money – it should have a demonstrable pay-back.  Nobody wants another talking-show, there must be action as a result.  The success of the conference/event is measured by what happens afterwards.

Pitstop events link what happens at your conference to the performance of your organization/team and its key initiatives, priorities or strategies in concrete and measurable ways

5. It is about Winning Moves

‘It was a great conference, but what exactly happened as a result?'  That is a question too often asked by managers as they reflect on the last conference or away-day. 

Teams leave pitstops with clearly agreed ‘Winning Moves' together next actions and a means of tracking progress.

 After all, the only reason to pitstop is to help you win.

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6. New Insights on Your Team

Pitstops events are an opportunity to observe your team in action. Throughout the day your team will reveal itself – providing new insights into it potential, including its task effectiveness, decision smarts & social health.

Pitstop facilitators will guide you through a behavioral observation of your team, including; norms of behaviors, patterns of interaction and so on.

Pitstops can take place in a variety of formats, from a few hours to several days and for groups ranging from 8 to 800.

Click on the video to see a pitstop in action or visit the gallery here.

The Pitstop Advantage

What makes the Pitstop Approach Special?

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Data-driven & evidence-based approach.

Underpinned by the latest science & research.

Inspired by the passion of Formula One™.

Powerful world-beating models.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Priorities & Projects

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

Talent & Team

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