Key topics include performance potential, performance losses and gains, alignment, motivation, performance design (i.e. team set up or structure) and perforrmance dynamics (i.e. norms and culture).

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Critical Teams: What is Peak Performance?
1.05 mins 4 min.

Alignment: Is Everybody on the Same Page?
Read: 8 min.

Ways of Working: The Power of Teams to Optimize Their Work
Read: 8 min.

Critical Teams: Why Form Matters as Much as Function
3.38 mins 8 min.

Struggling Initiatives: Protect the People, Not the Project
6 min.

Why Your People Are More Innovative Than You Think
1.46 mins 6 min.

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Project Talent: The Hidden 50% of KSFs & Risks?
1.46 mins 6 min.

Strategic Projects: Work the Team, Not the Project!
1.46 mins 4 min.

Team Composition: Why A ‘Team of Misfits' Can Surprise Everybody
2.22 mins 5 min.

Ways of Working: Reframing the Conversation on Agile
2.28 mins 8 min.

Project Leadership: Looking for a Hero? Think Again!
3.24 mins 7 min.

Got a purpose that is “Fit for Purpose”?
2.5 mins 5 min.

Intrinsic Motivation: A New Source 3x Performance?
2.26 mins 4 min.

Unlocking the ‘Black Box’ of Team Performance & Motivation
2.27 mins 5 min.

Is Remote Working Sending People Back into their Silos?
1.47 mins 4 min.

Remote Working: Alarm at Out-of-Alignment Teams
2.26 mins 4 min.

Going ‘Flat-Out': How to Optimize Performance
2.58 mins 4 min.

A selection of FEATURED insights on the key opportunities and challenges of executing of strategy and in particular the requirements of delivering complex ambitious projects, initiatives and programs.

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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