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Enabling busy leaders to achieve a new level of clarity on their key priorities and gain new insight to the opportunities and challenges they are facing.

Pitstops are a high impact form of executive coaching, that leverage the power of analytics and data to accelerate clarity & confidence in addressing even the most complex business challenges.

Caught up in the day-to-day busyness, executives running strategic initiatives can easily lose sight of the bigger picture (i.e. the overall requirements of success).

If executives or teams need coaching, so do strategic initiatives. After all, they involve every bit as much complexity (stakeholder expectations, changing business needs, competing projects & priorities, etc.).  Pitstops illuminate business fundamentals, as well as key success factors & risks, to ensure the ambition of strategy is met with confidence regarding execution.

Teams are central to success. But if individual performance is complex, team performance is even more complex still. That is why teams need coaches too.

Energize & empower your executive team to address changing business priorities & stakeholder needs, Pitstops are a proven team coaching process to accelerate engagement, ownership & change.

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