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Talent: The Missing 37%

The CEO of a successful organization discovers that the organizations people are operating at just 63% of their full potential.

‘‘Imagine what we could achieve by tapping into the missing 37%’  she tells her leadership team.  Followed by a warning; ‘…imagine what will happen if we don’t!’

Efficiency: Revealing $3.1 m Waste

The most lean and efficient business unit in a global corporation discovers an unexpected source of waste.

The bill for wasted time alone was estimated at 3.1 million annually.  But the opportunity cost was estimated at multiples of that figure.

Revealing 3.1 m waste

Change:  45% Ready to Adapt

Could one of the industry’s oldest players sustain its success despite sweeping changes in technology, channels & competitors?  The data left no room for complacency.

On a 10-point agility scale, the score was a worrying 4.5.  But the data revealed a strong desire for change and illuminated the key levers.

Change: 45% Ready to Adapt

Strategy: 33% Execution Gap

The goal was to double turnover within 5 years.  But there were whispers about the organization’s readiness to execute the leadership team’s new strategy


The data illuminated a 33% gap between strategy and execution.  Clearly, translating strategy into effective execution would require more work.