Ambition fuels successful projects & initiatives, but how ambitious is your project/initiative?

When it comes to strategy, ambition is espoused as a leadership virtue. Either too much or too little ambition could spell trouble for the success of your Strategic initiative.

Use the insights, checklists and tools on this page to explore the Strategic Ambition driving your project or initiative.

Ambition propels strategic initiatives forward but how much ambition has your project got?  Could it have too little or even too much?

Use the panel on the ‘project chassis’ one pager to explore the ambition driving your project / initiative, including:

  • Does it aim for modest or massive gains?
  • Does it dare to dream big? Will it stand-out or leave a lasting mark?
  • How will it stretch / challenge the org. to grow?
  • Could any aspect(s) be seen as overly ambitious?

Can people coalesce around 2-3 sentences that effectively communicate the ambition driving the project (its vision of success)?

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