How clear is the link between project & business success?

Obviously, the expected Results or ‘deliverables’ of any project or initiative must be clear.  However, the ultimate measure of success is the project’s Business Impact.

Use the insights, checklists and tools on this page to explore the Market Reality for your project or initiative.

Being able to communicate the project’s impact on the performance or success of the business is essential to connecting with the C-suite and its strategy.

Use the panel on the ‘project chassis’ one pager to explore the level of clarity & alignment in respect of how success will be measured. Specifically:

  • What business outcomes (results & benefits) will result?
  • What is the likely long-term impact on the business?
  • How robust has analysis/modelling of business impact been?
  • How effective has the dialog re business impact been?

Is there a clear link between project success to business success?  Is it visible to all?  This is key to understanding just how strategic your project or initiative is when seen from the C-suite.

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Project managers focus on project scope and goals, but project leaders also ensure clarity regarding business impact. Explore the implications here:


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Business Impact: It is (or should be) the number one factor that determines your project or initiative’s access to power and resources. But how clear and compelling is the impact of your strategy or initiative? Let’s find out.

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Ensuring that strategic projects and initiatives deliver as expected isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that there is often confusion regarding results and how they will be measured. Ending that confusion has to be a priority and here is the tool – called the results chain – that can really help.

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