May 23, 2020

Project Turbulence – Is there too little or too much?

Why a certain amount of turbulence and uncertainty around your strategic projects may be a good thing. Which of the images below best reflects the execution […]
March 13, 2020

Strategic Priorities: Is your Gantt Chart really helping you?

When it comes to delivering on your strategic priorities, there could be a hidden source of danger. …an enemy that is masquerading as you friend. That is the Gantt Chart!
March 13, 2020

Strategic Priorities: Why you need a purpose that is “Fit for Purpose”

Worried about crafting the purpose for your business unit or team? Well, why not start with a 'fit for purpose' purpose that will rally people for the next few laps.
March 13, 2020

Strategic Priorities: On track for success?

In many organisations, strategic projects and initiatives are not being review regularly enough. In a fast changing environment that is a problem. It results in projects that are out-of-step with the changing business and stakeholder needs.