May 2, 2023

Looking to Bridge the Strategy Execution Gap?

There is an over-reliance on transformation initiatives as the means of delivering on change and transformation. The result is a high level of fatigue, failure and […]
April 29, 2023

Ready to Look at the Strategy-Execution Gap in a New Way?

The gap between strategy and execution is commonly talked about. But our data suggests that the reality is more complicated than that.  It is time to look at 'the gap' in a new way. 
April 28, 2023

Is Pressure on Performance Threatening Your Organization’s Transformation?

The pandemic utterly changed our lives and our work in so many ways. However, there was a surprising upside for strategy. Now that the pandemic is over that benefit is being lost.
April 4, 2023

Leaders With Perfect Vision Are Rare, But What About You?

Among the many talents and skills required by leaders is perfect vision, or to be more precise the ability to focus on both the short and the long term. This enables them to meet the dual imperatives of performance today and transformation tomorrow. At the best of times this ability is a rare talent, but in these times of slowing growth and increased uncertainty it is even rarer still.