March 13, 2020

Strategic Priorities: Why you need a purpose that is “Fit for Purpose”

Worried about crafting the purpose for your business unit or team? Well, why not start with a 'fit for purpose' purpose that will rally people for the next few laps.
March 13, 2020

Strategic Projects: Could you be neglecting what’s really core?

A strategic initiative is like an avocado - it has a core that is easily overlooked. In the case of strategic projects that is the performance of the team responsible for 'making it happen'.
March 13, 2020

Strategic Projects: Work the team, not the Project!

As a leader it can be tempting to get drawn into your team's problems. But don't. That is probably not where the greatest reward for your effort will be, especially long term. The advice is to work the team not the problem.
March 14, 2020

Strategic Priorities: Are your executives cautious collaborators?

Perhaps you remember a time when you greeted with enthusiasm an invitation to participate in, or join a meeting about a new initiative. That is when […]