December 14, 2022

Portfolio Mindset:
Great Leaders Have a ‘Portfolio Mindset’, What About You?

Managing projects - obviously that is essential, but it is not enough! Moreover, it is not necessary the job of a senior leader. Leaders are constantly thinking of their strategic portfolios - they have a 'portfolio mindset'. But what about you?
December 4, 2022

Could Your Project Consolidation Come Back to Bite You?

Whether you are consolidating, adjusting, prioritizing, or simply cost-cutting take care. Any brash decisions you make at this time could come back to haunt you.  
December 2, 2022

The Great Project Consolidation :
Will Consolidation Save or Cost You Millions?

For some it will save millions, but for others it will cost millions.  It is one of the biggest trends at this time – the consolidation of projects and initiatives. As a leader, the level of sophistication you apply to the task will make all the difference.
December 2, 2022

Is Your Strategic Portfolio Getting the Attention it Needs?

Are you giving your strategic portfolio its needs? Here is a list of 12 tell-tale signs that your strategic portfolio needs attention.