May 4, 2015

The Power of The Pitstop Metaphor

You don’t have to understand how metaphors work in order to appreciate the value of the pitstop metaphor and model in the Growth Pitstop™. But if […]
May 3, 2015

Understanding the Power of the Growth Pitstop Model & Metaphor

The Growth Pitstop process is designed not just to engage with the growth strategy of an organization, but with the growth mindset that underpins it.  More specifically […]
January 30, 2015

New Thinking About Old Strategy

Einstein famously said that today’s problems won’t be solved by the same thinking that created them. The same applies to strategy.  The problems with strategy – […]
December 3, 2014

Changing Behavior by Working On Underlying Mental Models

Sustaining change is a key challenge facing managers who are ambitious for fast growth and high performance.  The problem is that people don’t always do what […]