Need to Develop Your Project’s Chassis?

The video explores the give-away symptoms of a lack of clarity & alignment on the business fundamentals of a project or initiative. Can you recognize any of them? If yes, use the resources on this page to develop or refine your chassis.

Is Everybody ‘On the Same Page’?

The one-page tool enables you to see if your people are all ‘on the same page’ regarding the fundamentals of your initiative.  It identifies where there is clarity and alignment and where there is not.

Moreover, the process of co-creating or reviewing the chassis, is an opportunity to re-energize and re-engage the project community (sponsors, team members, stakeholders, etc.).

Why project on a page?

The one-page project view enables a strategic conversation that speaks the language of the C-suite and clarifies business needs, business impact and so on, thereby ensuring that people are aligned, on message and focused on what matters most.

Explore the various objectives of the one-page tool here (including how these objectives have shaped what the tool includes).

It is A Test of Clarity

Many project leaders tell us it is easier to write 5 or 10 pages on a project than it is to complete the one-pager. Therein lies its power, however. Being able to communicate the business need or business impact behind a project in 3-4 sentences is the supreme art of communicating with clarity and impact.

What to do if you have chassis problems?

Here you will find some tips on how to respond (rather than react) to issues with the business fundamentals of your initiative.

With the above objectives in mind, there are 9 pieces of information that the project one page should include: