Research Updates

At Growth Pitstop® we are committed to making our research widely available:

May 2, 2015

If you think F1 is a man's sport, then think again!    

‘Gentlemen start your engines!’ was the traditional call to action in motor racing.  However with the increasing role of women in the sport that is changing […]
May 2, 2015

What Separates the Fast from the Slow?

Understanding what separates the fast from the slow is the foundational knowledge that equips managers to accelerate the growth of their own organizations, business units and […]
May 3, 2015

Leveraging Science & Psychology To Accelerate Growth

The Growth Pitstop™ engages both science and psychology to help teams accelerate growth.  This combined approach gives the pitstop its power (as well as its uniqueness). The […]
May 3, 2015

Understanding the Power of the Growth Pitstop Model & Metaphor

The Growth Pitstop process is designed not just to engage with the growth strategy of an organization, but with the growth mindset that underpins it.  More specifically […]