Behind the Pitstop Research

Growth Pitstop™ is the culmination of ten years of applied research and joint creation with over 3,500 leaders from teams and business units within organizations, such as; IBM, BT, 3M, Pfizer, KBC Bank, Bloomberg, ARUP, GE, Oracle and force.

Research Mission

We see so much potential within organizations, business units and teams.  Yet sadly much of it goes unexploited.   That is a major performance loss – a loss of talent, opportunity and resources.  However, it also offers the promise of significant future performance gains.  Indeed, if only a small proportion of the untapped potential within organizations and teams was exploited it could transform organizations, even societies.  It is this realization, from early in our research, that has been our driving purpose.

Pioneering Research

For more than a decade we have researched performance losses (a term we coined) within business units & teams in some of the world’s best corporations.  We have cataloged, studied, classified and measured these performance losses (structural, cultural, environmental, team-based, etc.) in all their real-world complexity.  More important still we have pioneered the development of models, strategies and tools for tackling performance losses and transforming them into gains.

The result is a global breakthrough in terms of analyzing and predicting performance, as well as a means of enabling teams to transform their own losses into measurable gains, typically in the range of 7-25%.  Central to this is the development of the predictive pitstop meta-model and performance algorithm that power the Growth Pitstop and Pitstop to Perform™ product family.

Primary Research

Research Methods: The primary research involved direct observation of 900+ groups and teams in the real world as they identified priorities, made decisions and took action. This was accompanied by a behavioral experiments, qualitative leader interviews and quantitative data gathering (completed via the pitstop analytics platform).

Growth Pitstop™ has been a major research project and also a labor of love.  With every group or team we have worked with we have become even more passionate about the performance and potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

Research Sample Composition: The primary research involved 900+ groups and teams at all stages of development across 47 key markets and 12 industries including: IT, Financial Services, Professional Services, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Executive Education & Training, Retail and Distribution.

Teams were composed of managers and leaders from a wide variety of professional backgrounds (including scientists, engineers, accountants, actuaries, financial advisers, risk managers, people, doctors and lawyers).

Published Research

While our work is primarily with senior leaders in blue chip organizations, we have made a commitment to make our applied research widely accessible to all.  To this end we have published our meta-model, frameworks and tools in a series of 6 books available to all who share our passion for unlocking the complexity of performance.

Secondary Research

Curiosity has driven our research across multiple disciplines.  Our research has been greatly influenced by the work of so many others to whom we are very grateful. We have not been content to simply assimilate existing knowledge, but to act as pioneers and to expand the existing body of knowledge.  We are zealous about protecting our IP and totally respectful of the IP of others (as is evident from the clear citation of their research in our publications).

The books in the Pitstop Research Series are meticulously referenced – providing a clear trail through the estimated 2.2 million pages of desk research we have undertaken.

Inter-Disciplinary Research

The pitstop research has integrated tools and methods from the following fields of study; social psychology, behavioral economics, organizational design and business management.  This is a unique blend and it is something that we are particularly proud of.

It is rare to see these 4 categories brought together and that makes the pitstiop meta-model unique.  Each of these areas, has of itself, generated thousands of pages of research and has its own experts, terminology and publications that present a particular take on the world of performance.  But standing alone any of these areas does not present a full picture.  It is only when the 4 areas are combined together that the complete story of performance can be told.  The pitstop meta model is the first in the world to integrate performance design and dynamics, strategy and execution.  It is also the first to identify performance losses and transform them into gains.

Future Research

Pitstop research is ongoing, delving further into different aspects of performance, tracking (as well as challenging) the latest insights from social psychology, as well as expanding the global benchmarking data-set.
We partner in research initiatives with leader education and other organizations.  If you would like to find out more about our research, or to explore the possibility of partnering in this area, please contact us at: