You cannot manage what you do not measure.  Yet assessing performance is not easy.

Conducting an assessment of performance is normally time intensive. It can also be uncomfortable and even contentious. Here are just some of the challenges:


Keeping It Real

Every manager has a view of the performance and potential of his, or her organization, unit, or team.  But is it based on fact, feeling or fiction?

While managers must ‘keep it real, they must also keep it positive.  That requires looking beyond criticism and blame to address the issues of performance through a positive and future focused lens.

Reconciling Multiple Perspectives

Senior managers don’t necessary share the same view of the world. Unable to see outside their functions or silos managers and teams may be pulling in different directions, pursuing competing priorities and projects.  The result organizational resources are wasted & team members frustrated.

Pitstop Analytics™ identifies and reconciles divergent views within an organization, or team that will hinder growth.

Overcoming Biases & Blindspots

Our interpretation of the world around us is prone to biases and blind-spots. We see things through the lens of our own attitudes and beliefs and often unconsciously resist information that does not conform with our existing beliefs. 

Pitstop Analytics™ engages with (and challenges) existing attitudes and beliefs. It raises awareness to blind spots and tackles false assumptions.

Beyond Personalities & Politics

Conversations on performance management can be an uncomfortable topic that quickly gets bound up in personalities and politics.  The result is that the topics of performance, potential and growth are often mishandled or simply avoided, with some items simply being ‘left off the agenda'.

Pitstop Analytics™ enables managers to discuss performance without personalities or politics getting in the way.

Reducing the Time Burden 

Conducting a thorough assessment requires lots of information gathering, analysis and reporting.  It is a slow process, with lots of meetings, workshops and discussions. Moreover it can be a major distraction to management efforts.  

Pitstop Analytics™ accelerates time to action, by reducing automating information gathering, analysis and reporting by upto 60%.

Preventing Information Overload

Another lengthy report full of statistical tables and charts is not what is needed. Managers want actionable insights. They want their attention drawn to the results that matter – to the gaps, the opportunities and the challenges.

Pitstop Analytics™ takes 1000's of pieces of data and represents them in a manner that reveals exactly what needs to be done.

Pitstop Analytics™ overcomes the challenges of an accurate assessment of performance and potential. Click to explore its advantages.

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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