The industry-leading Growth Pitstop™ Assessment combines science and psychology to provide a new level of insight into performance & potential. 

Not only is the pitstop assessment very revealing, it is also very fast.  The advantages are examined below:

Achieving A New Level Of Insight

Pitstop Analytics™ provides new insights into performance and potential – insights that challenge as well as inform. They fuel ambition, strategy and innovation.

The assessment changes the way people see the opportunities and challenges of accelerating performance & growth.  It is particularly effective at revealing hidden potential.

The Application of Science

Pitstop Analytics™ is built on a solid bedrock of scientific research and analysis.  It delivers the highest level of accuracy & reliability, compensating for bias, as well as blind spots.

Leverages extensive bench-marking data derived from global best practice research across 47 countries.  Measures 200+ performance-related variables (strategy, leadership, vision, dynamics, etc.) based on 2.2 million pages of best practice research.

Assessment Psychology

Pitstop Analytics™ addresses the mental and emotional aspects of success.  It explores attitudes and expectations to reveal what people really think. 

The approach prevents defensiveness, while at the same time challenging old ways of thinking and tackling blind spots. It looks for patterns of inconsistency or contradictions between managers and across business units, departments and teams.

Assessment Speed

Pitstop Analytics™ is conducted online and takes each manager only 26 minutes.  Complex algorithms then analyze the data in rapid time and automatically generate reports.  The reports are designed for clarity and speed, or ease of use.

An accurate assessment of performance is an important foundation for success.   It is about confidence, clarity and good decision making.  It is also about what you can and cannot see. 

Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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Your Performance Agenda: Where would you like to focus?

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