Without an accurate & honest assessment of performance or potential, any growth plan, strategy or vision lacks a solid foundation.  Until now, arriving at a single, shared & accurate view of performance or potential has not been easy.

Assessment Objectives: A single shared & accurate view of reality

Pitstop Analytics™ galvanizes organizations around a single shared and accurate view of performance potential.  It does this by capturing, measuring and bench-marking stakeholder perspectives on a formula for growth and success.

Assessment Challenges:  Measuring performance can be tricky

Assessing performance can be tricky.  Many organizations get it wrong, why?  Firstly it is time intensive requiring lots of information gathering, analysis and discussion. Secondly it can struggle to be accurate or objective.

Assessment Advantages:  It’s faster & more revealing 

Pitstop Analytics™ combines science and psychology, with the power of BIG data.  Conducted online it is as fast as it is revealing.

How It Works:  Analysis & Benchmarking.

Pitstop Analytics™ measures performance and potential across 200+ variables through an online platform. Then sophisticated algorithms and visualization tools take over to analyze, benchmark and present organization, team and individual views on the data captured.

The pitstop facilitates an accurate scientific assessment of performance & potential. The result is a new level of insight previously not available to managers. This insight is delivered with speed and  completed without exhaustive debate, or lengthy reports.