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Leaders use our cutting-edge analytics to boost clarity, alignment and confidence in the execution of their strategies for performance and transformation:

Our analytics platform accelerates clarity, alignment & confidence in respect of key business opportunities & challenges such as:

The power of our analytics to accelerate clarity, alignment & confidence is based on its ability to illuminate:

In a complex fast-changing environment business needs and priorities are continuously changing. This presents challenges when set against the traditional planning and budgeting cycles within a large organization. It also puts pressure on alignment and demands greater speed, agility, collaboration and Innovation. 

Pitstop Analytics™ ensures that strategies, initiatives and projects, the leaders and networks of teams running them are aligned in respect of changing business needs and priorities. That includes the alignment of the various internal stakeholders involved.

‘The level of clarity regarding business needs emerged as 73% for stakeholders and 68% for the team.  We have been so busy with deadlines, etc. that we have not stopped to ask ‘Why?'.
SVP Pharma

Most leaders are both ambitious and optimistic. Yet, if you believe the statistics, 70% to 90% of strategies, projects and initiatives fail to deliver as expected.

Pitstop Analytics™ provides a systematic analysis of key success factors and risks including those that are normally hidden. This enables leaders to set themselves up for success, effectively manage risks and to prevent surprise setbacks or disappointments.

‘To see the risks mapped out so clearly was really powerful. I am glad that I was not the only one who can see them.'
Director Med Tech

Executives are spending up to 70% of their working week on internal collaboration. Yet many say that up to half of this adds little or no value. The scientific explanation as to why is called performance losses' – the factors that get in the way of people working together in the most effective way possible.

Pitstop Analytics™ illuminates the performance losses and gains that exist within your organization, project or team. It also illustrates how they can be tackled and the benefits that can result to both the organization and its people. This includes performance, as well as collaboration, vitality, agility and so on.

‘What is clear is that the ‘work’ isn't just the ‘work’ it is all the other stuff that goes with it – meetings, internal processes and procedures, managing stakeholders and so on. For the first time we have visibility of these factors and numbers on their impact’.
Ops Director, Financial Services

Being so close to the action, it can be difficult for leadership teams to ‘see the wood from the trees’ and to maintain an objective view of reality. As we approach business opportunities and challenges we must be aware of our blind spots and biases. Especially, the risks of groupthink and confirmation bias.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a powerful meta analysis that illuminates patterns of thinking.  It reveals mindset and narrative as well as assumptions, contradictions and blind spots.

‘The outside in perspective provided by stakeholders and industry best practice really did challenge some of our thinking'.
VP, Big Tech

Many of today’s complex business problems defy simple solutions. They require engaging multiple actors and multiple perspectives, working on the whole rather than the parts and adaptive (a change of thinking or behaviour) as well as technical solutions.

Pitstop Analytics™ reveals strategies, projects or initiatives in all their complexity, including the many interconnections, linkages and dependencies involved. It enables leaders to get to grips with full the complexity of what is required for success.

‘It was a full systems view. All the parts of the problem were illuminated, including how one thing links to another and they are all interconnected.'
Director, Financial Services

Pitstop Analytics™ enables leaders to see opportunities and challenges from different angles, that includes the critical outside-in perspective offered by stakeholders and industry peers.

‘Sometimes I believe that our team is too polite, and the people ‘go along’ rather than speak their mind.  The analysis tackled this issue and brought a diversity of perspectives challenging the way we have done things in the past’.
VP Global Finance

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Complex topics often require a conversation, but if you would prefer to keep browsing, here are some of the FAQs regarding our analytics:

The 'Analytics' - What is it?

A means of accelerating clarity, alignment and confidence regarding complex business opportunities and challenges. Specifically those related to the successful execution of costly and ambitious strategies and initiatives.

The complexity comes from competing priorities, multiple stakeholders, cross-functional collaboration, scarce resources and the effectiveness requirements of effective teamwork.

Who uses it?

Leaders at the SVP level and higher in large organizations who are responsible for delivering on ambitious strategies and initiatives. They are responsible for multi-million dollar budgets within Pharma, Financial Services or Tech sectors.

Our analytics is designed to engage cross-functionally and used by leaders from scientific, engineering and other specialisms to boost clarity, alignment and confidence in the business domain.

When or where is it used?

For multi-million dollar strategic priorities, initiatives and projects, as well as the costly leader teams or networks of teams running them.

It is used where there is a need to boost clarity, alignment or confidence in respect of the above. Worded differently (in the negative), it is used where there is doubt, lack of alignment or risk around a critical strategy or initiative and or the team(s) running them.

What does it analyze? What is the scope / how detailed is it?

Pitstop Analytics™ is an extensive analytics platform focusing on the issues (both hard and soft) concerning leaders in large organizations with responsibility for delivering on ambitious strategies and initiatives. Some of the issues covered include:

You tell us the issues that matter most to you, and we will customize the reporting to illuminate those areas. However, the power of the analytics derives from its breath of scope and its ability to paint the complete picture.

While you may be interested in a particular issue, interrelated and interdependent variables will also be illuminated. This is key to dealing effectively with complex opportunities and challenges, where there are many factors involved and cause-effect relationships are complex.

What kind of strategies or initiatives does it analyze?

Complex and ambitious strategies and initiatives with multi-million dollar budgets that challenge or stretch the organization and the teams running them.  Some of the challenges include the following:

  • Competing for organizational attention and resources
  • Changing business needs and priorities
  • Engaging internal stakeholders
  • Managing expectations
  • Navigating internal processes and bureaucracy
  • Balancing the need for project planning rigour with agile execution
  • Breaking down silos and ensuring effective cross-functional collaboration
  • Tapering organizational ambition with reality
  • Building effective teams or networks of teams (often outside the traditional organizational structure)
  • Juggling multiple projects and priorities and ensuring that people are able to spend enough time on the initiative
  • Ways of working that address the requirements of business unusual (speed, agility, collaboration and innovation)
How much time does it require? How will it save time?

It saves between 1 and 3 hours per person compared to traditional approaches (i.e. conversations or workshops). That could mean 10 days saved in the case of 15 stakeholders and 12 team members.

You get a detailed analytical report with numbers and data – so no time is spent on report writing. The issues are immediately highlighted, meaning minimal time is required to interpret the analysis.

Moreover, it is a time-efficient and repeatable process, so you can accurately track change and progress over time.

Speed and timescales - How long does it take?

The analysis can be completed within days. Typically, people are invited (e.g. internal stakeholders, team members, etc.) and given a week to complete.  We will set the time line based on your needs.

What is the output? How will I get taken through it?

The output is the illumination (with your organization’s data) of models and visual frameworks that accelerate clarity, alignment and confidence.  These powerful visualization techniques bring the data to life and tell a story. Your attention is immediately drawn to where it is most needed – to the key opportunities and challenges.

It is easy to get lost in data, but don’t worry.  We will take you step-by-step through the analysis with your specific needs in mind.  This process isn’t a PowerPoint slide show but rather a process of data-led coaching that will give you time to think and re-think. The process balances analysis with reflection to ensure clarity on the implications. It can potentially change how you see things, resulting in new possibilities and solutions.

How does it work? What are the steps?

With so much attention given to technology and data gathering, business needs often come secondary.  But not with Pitstop Analytics™.  It accelerates the process from Data to Insight and Insight to Impact, reducing the time to insight to a matter of weeks. Here is how it works:

You explain your business needs in a 60-90 guided conversation with our business domain experts.

Based on your business needs we set up the Pitstop Analytics™ platform to gather the information you need from the audience you have selected.

Your key stakeholders and team goes online – it takes between 15 and 26 minutes per person to complete the analytics in confidence.

Leader, team and individual perspectives are analyzed with approx. 10,000 data points for a medium-sized unit/team.

A powerful algorithm analyzes patterns in the data & compares to benchmark data (internal or external).

BIG data modelling & visualization techniques bring the data to life and tell a story.

Leaders are guided through the outputs in a process of data-led coaching that combines analysis with reflection to generate new awareness.

Progress in converting insight into action is tracked over time with before/after measurement

How to engage people (stakeholders and the team) with the results?

As the leader, we will guide you through the analysis in a data-led coaching process that balances data and reflection to result in new insights and clarity.

As an option, there is a robust ‘pitstop’ methodology to engage your stakeholders and team in the analysis.  This delivers new levels of engagement, ownership and buy-in.

Here is how leaders describe these pitstops:

‘I was expecting a slide show and lots of graphs, instead we had one of the most effective conversations as a team that we ever had.’

‘The models and tools really get the conversation to the point of clarity fast. Using stickers to do the analysis as a team and then comparing that to the results gathered online was really powerful in illuminated the issues from different angles.’

‘The level of energy and engagement was wonderful – there are lessons for how we organize all our strategic workshops’.

‘Everybody had their say and people opened-up and said things that hadn’t been said before. It was safe to say what you were thinking, but there was also a level of respectful challenge involved. I came out of the session thinking differently than I was thinking going in’.

‘The full complexity was clear, including the system we are working in… the parts we can control and the parts we cannot.’

Talk to us about pit-stopping with your stakeholders and team, using its analysis / data.

Why is it called Pitstop Analytics™?

Pitstop Analytics™ is inspired by the performance-obsessed arena of F1™ – a pioneer not just in BIG data technology, but in the science of performance optimization.

During a typical Grand Prix more than 243 terabytes of data will be streamed from the racing cars.  That is more data that is contained in the US Library of Congress!

To make sense of mountains of data requires the use of the latest data visualization techniques including predictive modelling.  That is the inspiration behind Pitstop Analytics™ meta modelling.

Delivering insights after the race is of little value.  So, data is put to work immediately identifying marginal gains that can be acted upon fast.

Pitstop Analytics™ provides Big data at the speed of a pitstop. It minimizes the time required by managers in gathering, analyzing and acting on the data.

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Cutting-edge analytics to help leaders deliver on their strategies for performance & transformation.

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