Talent Leadership

How effective is your organization at finding talent and converting it into performance?

Pitstop Analytics™ provides a detailed barometer of your organization’s talent incl. levels of engagement, creativity and skill.  Also, the ability to leverage its talent to accelerate performance, innovation and growth.


Talent: Revealing $3.1 m Waste

The most lean and efficient business unit in a global corporation discovers an unexpected source of waste.

The bill for wasted time alone was estimated at 3.1 million annually.  But the opportunity cost was estimated at multiples of that figure.

Pitstop Analytics™ operates at the intersection of performance and people. This is key to its power for leaders.

It is a powerful meta-analysis that links the performance of the organization to the potential of its people and visa versa. 

After all, why look at talent and performance separately?

How to fully leverage the talent, skills and commitment of your organization’s people? Pitstop Analytics™ has the answer.

Pitstop Analytics™ will reveal the percentage of your organization’s full potential that is presently being exploited.  Whether the answer is 50%, 70% or more, it will illuminate the factors capable of un-locking an additional 5%, 10% or 15% of your people’s talent, ideas and passion.

Here are just some of the unique aspects of Pitstop Analytics™:

In an age where talent matters as much as capital, managers need to know how effectively the talents and skills of their people are being put to work.

They need to know their Return on TALENT Employed™ (ROTE). That is just one of the next generation KPIs provided by Pitstop Analytics™.

Pitstop Analytics™ measures the Return on Talent Employed™ for orgs & teams.

Talent is an organization wide philosophy, a central pillar of modern leadership and an essential part of every manager’s job. It cannot be limited to just a business function or department.

Pitstop Analytics™ doesn’t just help HR Departments, it appeals to all senior leaders illuminating the cross-functional requirements of talent leadership.

Pitstop Analytics™ illuminates talent in a way that engages all leaders.

Pitstop Analytics™ presents a detailed analysis of your talent eco-system and all the factors that shape it.

It is a meta analysis that illuminates the implications of talent for performance, strategy and innovation.

Pitstop Analytics™ illuminates those factors shaping your talent ecosystem.

It is an exciting & challenging time for Talent.  Pitstop Analytics™ provides deep insights to the requirements of:

Competing in a complex fast- changing world places new demands on organizations and their people.  The need for greater agility & innovation is paramount, with major implications for leadership & talent.

They way we work is being transformed by technology & other factors, ranging from the rise of the gig economy to the multi-generational workforce.  The implications for Leadership and Talent are profound.

Pitstop Analytics™ helps organizations to ensure that they are VUCA-ready.

Today we have a deeper understanding of the requirements of human performance than at any time in the past. That is thanks to the addition to new insights from the fields of social psychology and behavioral economics to the already sizeable body of knowledge in the fields of leadership, organizational design, strategy and so on.

In the analysis of Leadership & Talent, Pitstop Analytics™ leverages the latest findings from the fields of social psychology and behavioural economics, incl. some of the hottest topics in psychology at this time, e.g:
(i) Growth Mindset
(ii) Grit & Resilience
(iii) Psychological safety
(iv) Psychological Well-being

Pitstop Analytics™ leverages the latest insights into human performance.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a meta-analysis providing new insights to the following aspects of TALENT and Leadership:

Talent is now a strategic business driver, not just a business function or department. To reflect its new role and increased sophistication Pitstop Analytics™ integrates 4 key datasets:


The talent implications of organizational design  (present & future), incl. structure & set up of units/teams.  This includes an analysis of the Right People in the Right Roles, etc. The level of hierarchy, requirements of cross-functional collaboration, the use of teams, and the effectiveness of rewards / incentives.


The talent implications of your organization’s culture and norms of behaviour.  This includes an analysis of cultural congruence in respect of 8 critical areas (incl. urgency, discipline and communication).  Gaps in terms of present and future culture, plus the appetite for change.


Analysis of talent in the context of leadership and management with your organization. Including levels of autonomy, visibility & control, clarity of roles, reporting relationships, and so on.  Reveals leader-team dissonance – i.e. divergent perspectives / expectations between leaders and their teams.


(Strategy-Execution) The talent implications of your organization’s strategy and the requirements of its effective execution.  This includes the extent to which people are aligned with and fired-up by the org’s mission/strategy.  Also an analysis of the requirements for change and innovation within your industry.

Next generation metrics for Talent & Leadership, called KPPIs (the extra ‘P’ is for potential):

Return on Talent Employed™

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is a key measure of business performance.  It measures the return on one of the organization’s greatest assets – that is its people.  Return on Talent Employed™ measures the organizations ability to unlock the skills, ideas and passion of its people.

Return on Collaboration™

Organizations are looking for individuals who are high performers, but what happens when these high performers are required to work on committees and teams?  ROC is a measure of collective performance and the effectiveness of internal collaboration.

E3 – Energy, Engagement & Exploration

Research suggest that as much as 50% of the success of an organization or team may be explained by the levels of energy, engagement and exploration among its people.  Pitstop Analytics™ examines these variables in depth, providing new insights to organizational health.

Leadership Congruence

Pitstop Analytics™ will show the level of congruence / dissonance between the leader and the team in terms of how they see structure, culture, performance, teamwork, strategy and execution.  It will also highlight blind spots and contradictions.

Read some of our research papers:

Inspired by the use of Return on Capital Employed as a primary business metric, Return on Talent Employed™ (ROTE) is used to measure how effectively talent is being utilized.

Return on Collaboration™ – is a measurement of how different means of internal collaboration and teamwork impact (both positively and negatively) on business performance and innovation, as well as employee engagement and even well-being.

In these full-employment times, managers don’t realize that Staff Turnover has a BIG brother, another talent-related challenge that could be up to 2.5 times greater. It is the volume of unproductive time resulting from internal collaboration overload and too many ineffective or unnecessary internal meetings.

The battle for talent is raging.  But how successful is your organization in hiring, developing & retaining the best? Find out now.

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