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A winning strategy is as important as ever.  But in a fast-changing marketplace, agile execution is essential too.  Has your organization got both?  Find out now.

Is your strategy on course for success?A detailed analysis of the performance and potential of your key strategy priorities and initiatives.  Identifying opportunities and tackling risks in respect of successful execution.

Pitstop Analytics™ provides new insights to the following aspects of strategy and execution:

Strategy: 33% Execution Gap

The goal was to double turnover within 5 years.  But there were whispers about the organization’s readiness to execute the leadership team’s new strategy

If it is easy, then it ain’t strategy. To get to grips with the requirements of a winning strategy, Pitstop Analytics™ integrates  4 key datasets:


An analysis of your organization’s strategy and the requirements of its effective execution.  This includes how clear and compelling the strategy is, the extent to which people and resources are focused and aligned with the strategy, levels of visibility & control, discipline wrt. Execution and so on.  Also an analysis of the need for agility and innovation in the execution of the strategy.


Analysis of the talent in the context of the nature / effectiveness of leadership and management with your organization. Including levels of autonomy, visibility & control, clarity of roles, reporting relationships, and so on.  Reveals leader-team dissonance – i.e. divergent perspectives / expectations between leaders and their teams.


The talent implications of organizational design  (present & future), incl. structure & set up of units/teams.  This includes an analysis of the Right People in the Right Roles, etc. The level of hierarchy, requirements of cross-functional collaboration, the use of teams, and the effectiveness of rewards / incentives.


The talent implications of your organization’s culture and norms of behaviour.  This includes an analysis of cultural congruence in respect of 8 critical areas (incl. urgency, discipline and communication).  Gaps in terms of present and future culture, plus the appetite for change.

STRATEGIC KPIs – Get the following key metrics for your org/team:

P2P Metric™

The P2P Metric is a measure of the performance potential of business units, departments or teams within your organization.  It is the ratio of performance to potential and reveals how much of a unit/team’s full potential is presently being exploited.   Using this metric you can set a goal for unlocking potential and track it overtime.

O-T Score (Opportunity – Threat)

An assessment of the perceived level of opportunity and danger in respect of key macro-level trends – from customers to channels and technology to legislation.  This is an insight to the level of situational awareness and response posture of your organization.

Return on Collaboration™

Measures the effectiveness of internal collaboration, including the dividend from teamwork (e.g. quantity and quality of output) and the cost of poor / ineffective collaboration (e.g. meeting overload).  In an increasingly fast-paced environment, ROC is a proxy for organizational agility and innovation. It is also a barometer of organizational health and culture.

Agility-Rigidity Score

An analysis of the responsiveness to opportunities and threats of your organization or team.  Mapping on a scale from Agile to Rigid and highlighting behavioural and organizational indicators of threat rigidity (e.g. level of control, management of resources and information processing).

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