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Performance Potential

Any analysis of performance is incomplete if it only looks backward. To be really useful it must also address the potential for future performance and show how to un-lock it.


However if measuring Performance is difficult, then measuring Potential is even more difficult still.  You could call it the ‘Holy Grail’ of Performance Management.

Predictive Analysis

Measuring Not Just Performance, But Potential Too!

Pitstop Analytics™ doesn’t just help you to make sense of past performance (i.e. what has happened), but to predict what will happen, even what is possible.

It is the first in the world to measure Performance Potential, that is what your organization or team is capable of. 

A World First:

Performance Potential – A Breakthrough

Pitstop Analytics™ is the first in the world to measure Performance Potential.

It scientifically determines the percentage of your organization/team’s full potential being exploited, called the P2P Metric™. 

But it does not just measure potential, it helps leaders and their teams to un-lock it too.

Actionable Analysis

Reveals How Potential Can Be Un-locked

Pitstop Analytics™ identifies the barriers to your org/team exploiting more of its potential.  These are called Performance Losses.

The analytics highlights key strategies to tackle your org/team’s Performance Losses and to convert them into performance gains of up to 25%.

The Breakthrough:

A Global Inventory of Performance Losses & Gains

To measure and unlock Performance Potential we have build the world’s first global inventory of Performance Losses.

That is those factors that prevent organizations and teams from realizing their full potential.  These include the barriers to peak performance.