What % of your org./team’s full potential is presently being exploited?  That is a straight forward question, but until now it has been difficult to answer.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a breakthrough in the measurement of performance potential – it measures not just what an organization, business unit or team has achieved but what it is capable of.

Moreover, Pitstop Analytics™ shows leaders how the untapped potential (for performance, innovation and growth) of their org./teams can be exploited.


Performance: 37% Potential

The CEO of a global subsidiary discovers that the organization’s people are operating at just 63% of their full potential.

‘Imagine what we could achieve by tapping into the missing 37%’  she tells her leadership team.  Followed by a warning; ‘…imagine what will happen if we don’t!’

Performance can be a puzzle. It would be tempting to call it a jig-saw with many parts, but a rubik’s cube would be a better description – as movement in one area, affects all the others.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a sophisticated multi-variate meta analysis that recognizes the complex interplay between performance and talent, as well as leadership, strategy, culture and structure. 

Pitstop Analytics™ enables leaders to unlock an additional 7-25% within their organizations, business units and teams.  That is up to 25% more talent, passion and innovation.

Pitstop Analytics™ is used by successful organizations – so it isn’t just about performance. Rather it is about performance potential – what an organization and its people are really capable of and why that is not yet being realized.

Data shows that even in the most successful organizations most people are only operating at somewhere between 40% and 70% of their full potential.  This performance potential represent a valuable “off-balance sheet” resource – an untapped well of ideas, innovation, passion & skill.

Pitstop Analytics™ represents a breakthrough in the measurement of performance and potential within organizations, business units and teams.  It has the power to:

Pitstop Analytics™ measures the performance potential of an organization, business unit or team and puts a number on it.  This is called the P2P Metric™ – ratio of performance to potential.  More than that it is a thorough situational analysis of performance potential.

Pitstop Analytics™ reveals your org/team’s performance ecosystem – using data visualization to model the 186 factors (called performance losses, or gains) that determine the performance potential of a business unit or team.

Your key people will pitstop their org/team’s performance using the data.  The objective is just like in racing to make improvements fast.  It is a future-focused & positive performance dialog that energizes people in the pursuit of performance gains of 7-25%.


Pitstop Analytics™ is inspired by the performance obsessed arena of F1™ and its relentless quest for the millisecond advantage powered by big data.

F1™ which looks at performance very differently to most organizations – it has a philosophy and approach to continuous improvement & innovation that offers inspiration to leaders in business.  Most of all it is about performance under-pressure.

Pitstop Analytics™ changes how leaders talk (and even think) about performance.

Pitstop Analytics™ calculates the percentage of full potential being exploited cross different business units, departments and teams within an organization.

There are many reasons why a unit/team does not realize its full potential. There are situational and structural factors, including culture, leadership, environment and strategy. There are also issues of skills, attitudes and behaviors.  The technical term for these factors is performance losses and Pitstop Analytics™ systematically scans your organization for the 200 most common losses.  Once identified these can be converted into gains.

Pitstop Analytics™ – pioneering the measurement of performance potential.

Pitstop Analytics™ reveals the real-world complexity of performance in BIG numbers, incl:

– The impact of pressure on performance

– The requirements of performance in the post-industrial age (performance in the round)

– The interplay of individual and collective performance

– The relationship between vitality/well-being and performance.

Pitstop Analytics™ presents the BIG numbers in respect of sustained performance.

The primary focus is on high performers and hiring the best.  But what happens when individual high performers are put to work with everybody else?  Will “A players” inspire others to “up their game” or themselves gravitate towards the average?

Increasingly the success of the modern organization depends less on the heroic solo-run of individuals and more on the collaborative effort of networks of individuals and teams. It is also about creating a growth environment where people bring out the best in each other, A players and B players alike.

Because, you cannot separate individual from collective performance, Pitstop Analytics™ looks at them as one.

Pitstop Analytics™ reveals the link between individual performance & collective potential.

Understanding performance in the post industrial era of the ‘knowledge worker’, where information is the lifeblood of the organization, agility / innovation are key, and organizational health is closely linked to sustained performance.

Pitstop Analytics™ presents an analysis of your org./team’s performance potential ‘in the round’ that includes not just its task effectiveness, but its decision making, social health & ability to learn / innovate.



Understanding the reality of performance in the modern workplace.

Any analysis of performance is incomplete if it only looks backward. To be really useful it must illuminate the potential for future performance and reveal how it can be un-locked.

Pitstop Analytics™ doesn’t just help you to make sense of past performance (i.e. what has happened), but to predict what will happen, even what is possible.  It is a global pioneer in the measurement of Performance Potential, revealing what your organization or team is capable of. 

Pitstop Analytics™ is an powerful predictive analysis of future performance.

Pitstop Analytics™ is a meta-analysis providing new insights to the following aspects of performance potential for an organization, department, business unit or leadership team:

Pitstop Analytics™ provides a total view of your performance eco-system – analyzing up to 5 times more variables than others. 

To understand the performance of an org./team and those factors preventing it from realizing its full potential requires integrating data-sets from 4 domains:

Performance Design

Are there any performance losses (potential gains) resulting from the structure & set up of your org./team?  This includes an analysis of the Right People in the Right Roles and doing the right work.  Includes, the level of hierarchy/autonomy, the effective use of teams, rewards / incentives and so on.

Performance Dynamics

What are the performance losses or gains in respect of your organization’s culture and norms of behaviour?  An analysis of cultural congruence in respect of 8 critical areas that define the performance ethos / culture of an org./team (e.g. urgency, discipline and trust/respect).



Are there any performance losses or potential gains in respect of strategy and its execution?  This includes the extent to which people are aligned with and fired-up by the org’s mission/strategy.  Also an analysis of the requirements for change and innovation within your industry.


How effectively do leaders drive performance? Analysis of leadership and management within your org./team. Including levels of autonomy, visibility & control, clarity of roles, reporting relationships, and so on.  Reveals leader-team dissonance – i.e. divergent perspectives / expectations between leaders and their teams.

A deeper understanding of performance and potential requires a new generation of metrics called KPPIs (the extra ‘P’ is for potential):

P2P Metric™

The P2P Metric™ is a measure of the performance potential of business units, departments or teams within your organization.  It is the ratio of performance to potential and reveals how much of a unit/team’s full potential is presently being exploited.   Using this metric you can set a goal for unlocking potential and track it overtime.

Pressure Gauge

This is a measure of the level of pressure on individuals and within teams.  It enables leaders to track level of performance under pressure, including the implications for task effectiveness, decision smarts and social/organizational health.  It also measures resilience / grit and well-being / vitality.

Return on Collaboration™

Measures the effectiveness of internal collaboration, including the dividend from teamwork (e.g. quantity and quality of output) and the cost of poor / ineffective collaboration (e.g. meeting overload).  In an increasingly fast-paced environment, ROC is a proxy for organizational agility and innovation. It is also a barometer of organizational health and culture.

Vitality Index

Vitality is ‘the other side of the coin’ when it comes to performance and measures the extent to which the people and teams within an organization are thriving along 4 key dimensions.  Provides a detailed insight to org./social health of a team and its relationship to performance & well-being.

Explore 3 of the key concepts that have emerged from the research into Performance Potential:

There is a fascinating paradox.  It is that so many organizations are meeting (and indeed exceeding their targets) while their people are operating at between 50% and 70% of their full potential.

The data says that this is true of leading global corporations and internet start-ups alike. But, how can this be? Well that is the No.1 BIG idea from the research behind Pitstop Analytics™ – the concept of Performance POTENTIAL.

The average team is capable of up to 39% more – that number is derived from our research across 47 markets and 12 industries. Why does so much potential go unexploited (even in organizations that are hitting and exceeding their targets)?

Well, the answer is Performance Losses – some 200 factors that prevent individuals and teams from realizing their full potential.  Pitstop Analytics™ on measures, models and unlocks these losses.

There are lots of models in the world of business – take Porter’s 5 Forces and McKinsey 7S for example. But to energize and engage Generation X, Y and Z executives in the dialog about performance and potential requires  re-modelling performance.

The F1™-inspired Pitstop Meta-model™ aimed at changing how leaders and their teams talk (and even think) about performance potential.

Pitstop Analytics™ is for leaders who want more for themselves, their organizations & their people.

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