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F1™-Inspired BIG Data

Measuring performance and potential using big data visualization and modelling techniques inspired by the performance-obsessed arena of Formula 1™.


F1™ has lead the way in the use of BIG data to drive performance.  It offers inspiration to leaders and their teams, setting the bar for how performance can and should be measured and managed.

Pitstop Analytics™ brings F1™ BIG data principles and techniques to the performance of leaders and their organizations / teams.

Inspired by F1™

The racetrack is a popular metaphor for the demands of competing in an increasingly competitive and fast changing business environment.

But of all racetracks, it is those of F1™ that offer the greatest inspiration for managers. In particular the sport’s obsession with performance and continuous innovation in pursuit of the millisecond advantage.

How to make the car go faster?

In the quest for the millisecond advantage, data is king.  Each race car has over 100 senors generating masses of performance data in real time on every aspect of the car’s performance as well as the driver.

Data is streamed in real-time to monitors track side, as well as at the factory.  It is all aimed at answering one simple question:  How to make the driver and car go faster?

The Race for Data

F1™ is not just about the fastest car or the best driver.  There is a new basis for competition – that is data.  Specifically, the ability to speedily analyse and act upon performance data during the race.

F1™ teams employ sophisticated visualization and modelling techniques to identify trends and predict performance.  This enables speedy data-driven decisions track-side to maximize the performance of the driver and the car.

BIG Data for Performance

Pitstop Analytics bring the power of BIG data to the performance of organizations, business units and teams.

Captures data on 186 performance variables to:

– Scientifically calculate your organization or team’s P2P Metric™.

– Systematically scan for performance losses, risks, and gains.

Data gathering is cloud-based and takes just 26 minutes per person.  Once the data is gathered algorithms and predictive models take over.

Powerful Predictive Analytics

An accurate diagnosis is key to understanding performance.  But looking back at what has happened is not enough – looking to the future is essential.

Pitstop Analytics combines accurate diagnostics with predictive modelling, thereby providing insight to both present and future performance.

Big Data Visualization

Pitstop to Perform™ analytics extract meaning from masses of data by modelling performance. Using the pitstop meta-model the data is brought to life and tells a story.

Users can visualize their performance data in an intuitive manner. Patterns and trends are automatically recognized, and attention drawn to alerts, blind-spots, and contradictions.

Data is transformed into actionable insight – pointing leaders and their teams to key winning moves that will transform performance losses into gains.

P2P Metric™

Pitstop Analytics™ was developed to scientifically measure potential via the P2P Metric™ and answer the BIG performance question.

Performance Losses

Pitstop Analytics™ scientifically scan for Performance Losses within organizations, business units & teams.

Pitstop Meta-model™

Pitstop Analytics™ leverages the Pitstop Meta-model™ is used to visualize BIG data and highlight Performance Losses for your organization/team.