Leveraging the power of BIG data to measure & maximize the performance as well as the potential of your organization, business units, or teams.

Predictive Analysis

Measuring Not Just Performance, But Potential Too!

Pitstop Analytics™ doesn’t just help you to make sense of past performance (i.e. what has happened), but to predict what will happen, even what is possible.

It is the first in the world to measure Performance Potential, that is what your organization or team is capable of. 

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4 levels performance potential

Granular Analysis

 Performance Potential Analyzed at All Levels

Pitstop Analytics™ will scientifically determine the percentage of your org/team’s full potential presently being exploited.  That is it’s P2P Metric™.

It can do this for your organization overall, as well as for specific business units/functions, leaders and teams.

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Pitstop Analytics™ is the only objective & scientific way of answering the BIG performance question.

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Actionable Analysis

Reveals How Potential Can Be Un-locked

Pitstop Analytics™ identifies the barriers to your org/team exploiting more of its potential.  These are called Performance Losses.

The analytics highlights key strategies to tackle your org/team’s Performance Losses and to convert them into performance gains of up to 25%.

BIG Data Analysis

 Inspired by the use of BIG Data in F1™

Pitstop Analytics™ leverages the power of BIG data to drive performance, just as in F1™.

That includes BIG data modelling and visualization techniques to deliver actionable insights fast.

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Scope of Analysis

Enables Data-Driven Decisions

Pitstop Analytics™ enables data-driven decisions in respect of:

  • Performance

  • Growth

  • Talent

  • Leadership

  • Strategy-Execution

  • Org./team design-structure

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pitstop science data

Robust Analysis

 Based on Extensive Research & Science

Pitstop Analytics™ is a complex scientific tool based on more than a decade of research across 47 markets and 12 industries.

That includes research into the performance of 900+ teams in some of world’s largest organizations, as published in a series of 6 books.

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How confidently can you answer this question:


P2P Metric™

Pitstop Analytics™ was developed to scientifically measure potential via the P2P Metric™.

Performance Losses

Pitstop Analytics™ scientifically scan for Performance Losses within organizations, business units & teams.

Pitstop Meta-model™

Pitstop Analytics™ leverages the Pitstop Meta-model™ is used to visualize BIG data and highlight Performance Losses for your organization/team.

Benefits / Results

Pitstop Analytics™ identifies Performance Losses that are then converted into gains of 7-25% through pitstop Programs and events.