Most managers say that their organizations can and should grow faster.  However they lack clear agreement and support on how to do it.

Getting agreement on the priorities for growth isn’t easy.  But without it people will pull in different directions and resources will be wasted.  

Agreement Objectives: A focus on key priorities for growth

Organizations accelerate when they identify and focus on key priorities for growth. The result; renewed energy, innovation and commitment to addressing key growth-related opportunities and challenges.  This is one of the key success principles of the Growth Pitstop™ approach.

Agreement Challenges:  Why getting agreement isn’t easy

Getting a commitment on the key priorities for the business is not easy. Different goals, functional silos, competing projects, and even personalities and politics, make discussing performance and potential a challenge.  The Growth Pitstop™ is designed to overcome these issues.

Agreement Advantages – What makes the Pitstop approach special

The Growth Pitstop™ engages your team in a new dialogue around growth. That includes performance and potential – one that is free of personalities and politics.  It challenges old ways of thinking to result in more innovative strategies and solutions to accelerate growth.  Moreover it is fast.

How It Works: Strategic Conversations, Cognitive Re-framing, etc.

Teams engage like a race car Pit Crew to focus on the requirements of accelerating growth.  The result is a powerful performance dialogue (free of politics & personalities).   It is a new way of working that improves your team’s cohesion and creates a new source of competitive advantage.