Many sales leaders worry about having the right strategy for growth. Others worry about their strategy being effectively translated into action. Either way the issue of strategy is inter-linked with sales success.

Is There A Consensus On What Needs To Be Done?

The Strategy Pitstop® approach provide managers with the assessment tools and workshop process to accelerate their sales strategy and its implementation. The approach ensures clarity around key strategic priorities for sales – reconciling divergent perspectives to arrive at a shared view of sales performance accelerators and inhibitors.

‘We saved countless hours in workshops and meetings by arriving quickly at a consistent view of our key priorities and challenges.’

CEO, Engineering Company

Will Your Strategy Deliver The Numbers You Need?

The Pitstop approach guide managers and their teams through a process that quickly reveals and then resolves all those factors with the potential to limit sales growth, including:

– Hidden sales obstacles and marketing alignment blind spots

– Unspoken sales team concerns and uncomfortable market realities

– Conflicting sales priorities and confused sales strategies

– Unclear sales responsibilities and issues of politics distracting from sales.