A systematic process & model for exploiting performance losses & transforming them into gains of 7-25% within your organization and its teams.

Inspired by the fastest and most performance-obsessed sport on earth.

Pitstop Participants

Managers and teams from some of the world's largest organizations have participated in pitstops, including IBM, BT & 3M to name just a few.

Global Reach

The research underpinning the Growth Pitstop™ spans 47 key markets and 12 industries,
including: IT, Financial Services, Professional Services, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Executive Education & Training, Retail and Distribution. For inspiration we also studied F1™.

Cutting-Edge Research

The Growth Pitstop is based on six published books, 2 million pages of business best practice research and built upon a complex algorithm and 248 mathematical variables that are highly predictive of performance and potential.

Community Network

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The Growth Pitstop™ is a growing International community of end user companies and teams who run pitstops in their organizations, as well as network of partners in the executive education, consulting, coaching and team building space who offer pitstop solutions to their clients. Want to join?