The Results Achieved By The Pitsop

leadership teams who use the Strategy Pitstop™ identify opportunities to increase by on average 7-12%, with a particular focus on tackling opportunities that can impact on this quarter and the next.

The Science Behind The Pitstop

The Strategy Pitstop™ blends the latest research in strategy, and psychology. In particular it is based on extensive best practice research – some of this research has been published in two books.

The Strategy Pitstop™ includes a 25 minute diagnostic assessment that captures a complete picture of confidence regarding strategy, performance and psychology.

Completed by each member of the management or team, the assessment captures over 100 pieces of data to present a comprehensive 360 degree view of strategy and performance.

The Psychology Behind The Strategy Pitstop™

There is a psychology to strategy and performance – this plays a vital role in the Strategy Pitstop™ Process. It reveals how confident your team is in its strategy, as well as its ability to work together as a team. The Pitstop addresses such issues as;
– Attitudes, Motivation, Empowerment
– Focus, Alignment, Vision & Purpose
– Leadership, Communication, Culture & Teamwork.

The Creators Of The Pitstop

The Strategy Pitstop™ was developed by The ASG Group and available through a range of Business Consulting, Coaching and Training partners.

It is part of a family of powerful performance tools that incorporates best practice bench-marking and scientific assessment tools. Other tools include SellerNav™ skills and performance mapping assessments and The 3D Opportunity Assessment.

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