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Our Story

It started with one BIG question.  A decade later, Growth Pitstop™ provides some of the world's best organizations with unparalleled insight to the requirements of strategic execution.

Our BIG Question

For more than a decade we have been asking the BIG question of managers and their teams.

It has launched thousands of performance conversations – each one providing new data on why so much potential goes unexploited within organizations, business units, key projects and teams.  This is the focus of our ground-breaking research.

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As the number and depth of these conversations grew – spreading across 47 markets and 12 industries –  a scientific assessment was required to gather the data in a consistent manner.  Then as the data-set expanded exponentially it required an algorithm together with a model and BIG data visualization to interpret it.

As more data has gone through the model the more accurate it has become at not just measuring, but predicting performance losses and gains.  The result is a powerful suite of performance analytics commercially available to organizations and teams via the growing pitstop partner network.

Our Passion – Performance Potential

We see so much performance potential everywhere – from the C-suite to the front-lines of organizations.  Yet, so much of it goes unexploited.  If only a fraction of this performance potential was unlocked it could transform individuals, organizations and even societies.  That is our passion!

Because we believe passionately in potential we aspire to change the way leaders and their organizations and teams talk about performance.  We want to turn their attention from past performance to future potential – from what has or has not been done (and by whom) – to what is possible.  This is the means of engaging people in exploiting their performance potential.

Our Commitment to Research

Why does so much performance potential go unexploited? To find out we have conducted research across 47 markets and 12 industries.  The result is a global inventory of performance losses – situational, structural, cultural and so on.  Our analytics shows leaders and teams how to convert these losses into gains of 7-25%.

Although we work with top talent in successful organizations, we have made a commitment to make our applied research widely accessible to all. To this end we have published our research in a series of 6 books available to those who share our passion for unlocking the complexity of performance potential.

Our Contribution

While we are a commercial organization, that is not our primary motivation.  Our contribution matters every bit as much as the money we make, or the praise we get.

What matters most to us (as individuals and as a team) is how much performance potential we can help leaders and their organizations to unlock. That is why we do what we do.

Our Love of Data

While we value gut instinct and intuition, it is data that we love. For a topic as complex as performance or potential, data from multiple disciplines is essential. Without it, leaders will struggle to find the hidden performance potential within their critical projects and vital teams.

Perhaps our greatest competence as an organization is to bring data to life – using BIG data visualization and modelling to tell the story of performance and potential for any business unit or team.  Key to this is the inspiration of F1™ and in particular its pitstops.

Our Inspiration

The language and metaphors used in most business books and reports struggle to be relevant in an era of accelerating change.  Moreover, traditional business models with the straight lines and square boxes do little to spur the imagination.

That is why we turned to the performance-obsessed sport of F1™ for inspiration.  In particular the use of a next generation meta-model for performance inspired by the F1™ pitstop.  The objective is a psychological one – to de-personalize and de-politicize the issue of performance, thereby generating new openness, energy and engagement. 

Our Commercial Drive

Whether it is performance potential or well being, we are – just like our clients – commercially-driven.  Our focus is on your key metrics.  Coming at our work with a full understanding of the commercial side of business allows us to do more than present great ideas, but to put a business case around your business unit, projects or team's performance potential.

We began our journey into the performance space by working with and business development teams.  What a great place it was to start –  a highly competitive environment with un-relenting pressure to achieve short term targets and where individual effort/egos rather than teamwork rules the day.  Today, we work with functions and teams across the spectrum – from scientists to senior management teams.  However, we have never lost our focus on numbers and the targets to be met at quarter or year end.

Our Name & Identity

What is a name?  Well, quite a lot actually.  Let's start with the ‘growth' part of our name.  That of course is growth as measured by shareholder value, revenue and profitability.  But also the growth of individuals, teams or projects and how they can progressively realize their full performance potential.

Now to the 2nd part of our name.  If ‘growth' is the objective, then ‘pitstop' is the means.  That is to say we help leaders to pitstop their growth and that of their business units, key projects and teams. Client Pitstop's are about speed and agility, as well as great teamwork – just as in racing. They are focused on connecting performance, people and execution to deliver a measurable performance gain.

Did you know that our industry-leading analytics platform, called Pitstop Analytics, measures all of these things:

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