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About Growth Pitstop

We work where the ‘rubber meets the road’ and strategy gets executed.

Specifically, we help leaders and their teams pitstop those projects, programs and initiatives that are essential to success.

Our Story*

It started with one question – a BIG question.  Now, a decade later, Growth Pitstop™ is one of the most exciting and indeed sophisticated performance analytics solutions in the world. Discover ‘Our Story’, including:

Our Team

Find out about the international Pitstop team, including:

Our Clients

Working with business units, leaders & teams from large and mid-tier organizations, such as:

Click here to listen to some of our clients talk about the impact on their business.

Our Reach

Growth Pitstop® research spans 47 key markets and 12 industries incl: IT, Financial Services, Professional Services, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Executive Education & Training, Retail and Distribution.  Then for inspiration we turned to F1™.

Our Research

A world first – integrating organizational/team design and dynamics, with strategy-execution and leadership in an algorithm-powered meta-model of performance.  Based on 12 years of applied multi-disciplinary research, 1 million data-points & the publication of 6 books.

Inspired by the performance obsessed arena of F1™ and its unrelenting quest for the millisecond advantage.

Passionate about performance?  Contact us.

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