Growth Pitstop® is one of the most exciting performance analytics companies in the world. 

We leverage the latest science and psychology of performance, together with inspiration from F1™, to measure, model and unlock the performance potential of business units, leaders and their teams.

Unleashing the power of BIG data to provide new insights to performance & potential.  Almost 10,000 data points a business unit or team of 50.

Pioneering analytics that measure not just performance, but performance potential.

Creating a greater understanding of individual and collective performance in all its real-world complexity.

Based on a decade of applied multi-disciplinary research that has resulted in the publication of 6 books.

Integrating social psychology and behavioral economics to generate new insights into the performance of business units and teams.

With inspiration for performance under-pressure from the fastest of motor sports.

Developed in use with over 900 of the world’s best business units & teams.

The research spans 47 markets and 12 industries incl: IT, Financial Services, Professional Services, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Executive Education & Training, Retail and Distribution.

Find details of the methodology and sample composition here.

Measuring, Modelling & Unlocking Performance Potential

Working with business units, leaders and teams from large and mid-tier organizations, such as: